Etiquettes for Sending Sympathy Flowers for Funeral

With their elegance, color, beauty, and symbolic meanings, flowers help express bereavement and set a true tone for conveying condolences. While we understand that there is little that can be done during the mourning period, but it’s also true that flowers help communicate the right message where words do not suffice.

After all, flowers are a longstanding tradition in all parts of the world. Whether you send flowers at the visitation, to a funeral home, or send them to the home of a departed, they add a little color and beauty to a somber occasion. And the recipient believes that the sender must be a very thoughtful person.

However, at the same time, you have to follow some basic rules and etiquette before sending sympathy flowers for a funeral. Your choice of colors, types, arrangement, and other elements matter a lot on sympathy and funeral occasions.

So, there are lots of rules that apply to convey the message successfully and to make the recipient feel a little better in this tough time. In our previous article, we have covered the meanings behind different sympathy flowers, and today we are little expanding our topic and sharing some basic etiquettes so you can convey your condolences in the best possible.

Choose the Appropriate Arrangement:

Depending on where you want to send flowers for conveying condolences, you can choose from different types and sizes of floral arrangements. Though there are tons of arrangements but some popular arrangements that you may see in every funeral is:

  • Wreaths: These are very common arrangements that are available in circular form, and they always represent eternal life. If you are sending flowers to a funeral home, make sure you are sending wreaths to convey your message.
  • Floral arrangements: When it comes to floral arrangements, you can choose tons of them based on your preferences. From fresh-cut flowers to basket and floor arrangements, every type looks sophisticated for the occasion. You can either send them to the home of a departed or the funeral home.
  • Sprays: These are also popular and unique kinds of arrangements as you can view them from one side only.
  • Casket sprays: These are personalized kinds of flower arrangements that are only organized by the closest friends or immediate family members. These flowers usually sit on the top of the casket.
  • Inside pieces: Inside arrangements are usually placed inside the casket, as they are very small kinds of flower arrangements or sprays.

Whatever arrangement you choose, make sure you are consulting with the right flower delivery service in Australia that is specialized in sending funeral flowers. They have complete knowledge about sending the right sympathy flowers. Above all, you don’t have to spend tons of money as their rates are quite affordable for every budget.

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Select the Right Type of Flowers:

Well, when it comes to choosing the right type of flowers for sympathy or funeral occasions, we must say that there is no particular type of flower that we can say is the most appropriate.

There is no particular color or flower that should be sent to the funeral home or a home of a departed person. However, some specific flowers that people choose to send on these occasions are gladioli, Carnations, chrysanthemums, roses, and lilies. These are the popular choices, and many people prefer to choose them over others.

White lilies are usually associated with peace, and red roses are best for expressing unconditional love. If you know the favorite flower and color of the deceased, then it would be very comforting for the receivers to have such kind of arrangements as they will remember him whenever they see or touch the flowers.

Learn the Differences Between Funeral and Sympathy Flowers:

We have observed that many people feel confused and don’t know the exact difference between sending sympathy flowers and funeral flowers. To make things clear, it’s best to learn the difference before you send any type of flowers at the funeral.

Flowers that are displayed at the funerals are usually called funeral flowers. Wreaths, standing sprays, and casket flowers are the best examples of funeral flowers. You can commonly send them to the funeral home, church, or crematory.

On the other hand, you send sympathy flowers to express your condolences to the family of a deceased, these flowers often represent that you are feeling sorry for their loss, and you will always be with them no matter what.

You can send those flowers to the home of a departed person. Or you can simply choose the location that seems more convenient. If you have received the news of a death of a person, you should send these flowers to their home after the funeral service.

What Should You Write in a Card with Funeral Flowers?

Putting your feelings into comforting words is quite difficult for most people. They do not know what to write in a card to express sympathies. However, this is the most important gesture that can certainly give relief to the receiver. So, when you send sympathy flowers, your online florists will add a notecard to the bouquet as well so you can add a few words.

Here are a few examples that you can consider while sending a sympathy bouquet.

  • You and your family will always be in my heart and mind. So sorry for your loss.
  • My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  • May these flowers be the symbol of the love and respect we have for you! We are grateful for the moments that we spent together. Rest in peace.
  • With deepest sympathies.

Send Sympathy Flowers for Funeral with Online Florists:

If you were not sure what etiquettes to follow for sending sympathy flowers for the funeral, we hope that this guide may prove to be a great help. expressing sympathies with your dear ones in the best way possible is the most important thing. And that’s the reason, we help make things easier by providing sophisticated and elegant funeral flowers for this difficult time. View our sympathy flowers collection and check out all the arrangements available in different colors and patterns.

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