How to Keep Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Weeks? Tips from Florists

Flowers are one of the most special gifts anyone can ever receive. Their mesmerizing smell, delicate petals, and soft appearance make them a wonderful addition to your home.

So, no matter whether you are growing flowers in the garden or buying from a reliable florist in Australia, you always want to keep them fresh and alive for weeks. And to do that, you follow tons of tricks and tactics. But unfortunately, not all the tricks work and give amazing results.

Therefore, today we have compiled a list of tips from expert florists in Australia who can help recommend how to keep flowers fresh and alive for longer.

Cut the Stems Before You Put them in Vase:

Once you purchase flowers from your florist, make sure you cut the stems before placing them in a vase filled with water. If you got the arrangement from a reliable florist, the flowers would be already cut and they might stay fresh for days.

However, it is also recommended to clip the stems after every 3,4 days and allow water to penetrate through their stem. You should also replace the water after every few days.

After every 3 days, use sharp scissors or other pruning objects and just cut one inch from the bottom of stems approximately 45-degree angle. When you do that, flowers will absorb more water. You can also cut the stem individually according to your ease. But remember, the angle should always be 45 degrees.

cut the stems

Remove Extra Green Leaves:

Before placing your flowers in a vase, spend some time removing the extra leaves from the base area of the stem, because green leaves may rest under the waterline of your vase.

However, when you eliminate the green leaves or foliage, it will decrease all the bacteria in the water which in turn keep the water clean and free from bad smells.

This will keep your flowers fresh, alive, and fragrant for weeks. Pruning all the fresh cut flowers should be a regular part of your activity as it can increase their lifespan.

Remove Extra Green Leaves

Pick the Correct Size of Your Vase:

This is another step in keeping the flowers fresh. Pick the correct size of your vase based on your flower arrangement. When you choose flowers from expert florists in Australia, they will also help you choose the right size of the container. They will ensure that your clipped stems easily and nicely fit into the opening of the vase.

Remember, if the vase opening is too narrow, then the stems might appear a bit cramped or squished. It’s recommended to either remove some of the stems and create a small bunch of flowers or get a larger vase to accommodate the big arrangement.

But if the mouth of your vase is quite wide, then your floral arrangement may not have any kind of proper shape. They will move here and there and might not look so attractive.

If you are unsure about the flower arrangement or vase size, then it’s better to talk with florists as they have great knowledge and expertise in making your arrangement look better. They will tell you what type of flowers are ideal for the vase size.

sizes of flower vase

Change the Water Regularly:

Everybody knows fresh and clean water can keep your flowers alive for days and weeks. So, it’s better to take the arrangement out of the vase every 2-3 days, rinse the vase carefully, and fill it with fresh water again.

If you want to use the packet of ‚ÄúFlower food‚ÄĚ which is usually offered by many florists in Australia, then it’s better to add some food in the container as it can increase their lifespan.

changing water of vase

Take Out All the Flowers that are Wilting and Dying:

Every flower and plant has a specific season. You will see there will be a time of the year when some of the flowers will start fading and changing into black.

Now despite all the effort and hard work you do for keeping your flowers fresh and alive, some of the flowers will wilt within a couple of days.

IF you want to enjoy the fragrance and lovely appearance of flowers, then it is recommended to remove the flowers that are wilting and dying because they will soon begin to grow mold as well as contaminate other healthy flowers in the vase. This may not extend the life of your flowers, but it will keep your overall arrangement fresh and healthy.

Believe it or not, the life of your flowers also depends on the place where you keep them. Therefore, florists recommend keeping them under a shaded and cool area so your flowers can receive indirect natural light as the cold temperature can increase the lifespan of your flowers.

dying flowers in vase

Put Your Arrangement in the Best Place:

The fact we mentioned above is very important in keeping your flowers fresh. Make sure you keep the arrangement in the best place as it can directly affect the life of your fresh flowers. Your vase should be placed under the cool and shaded area where they receive air, sunlight, and all the natural elements that can increase the life of your flowers.

It is also important to keep in mind that your flowers should be away from the kitchen, appliances, and fruits because they release ethylene gas which contributes to wilting of flowers. In fact, it’s better to keep the arrangement in the fridge as flowers thrive in cooler environments.

Wrapping Up:

Now that you know how to keep flowers fresh for weeks, it’s time to buy a bunch of dazzling flowers for your dear ones and surprise them on every occasion. Whether you want to buy carnations, lilies, roses, or tulips, there is the same method and procedure to increase their lifespan. So, make sure you consider the above tips carefully after arranging your flowers in a vase.

If you need some more tips and tricks regarding flowers or want to buy some fresh-cut flowers for your friends, visit our flower collection at OZ Flower Delivery and choose something stunning based on your recipient’s personality and preferences.

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