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How to Choose Flowers for Wedding Bouquet?

The trends may come and go but choosing flowers for a wedding bouquets will always remain constant as flowers have become an integral part of every wedding. And why not? They do not only look pretty but also help express certain emotions and feelings.

Working with a reliable wedding florist in Australia is quite helpful, but when you are not sure how to pick the right flowers for your wedding bouquet, it might become a bit hectic.

You may have a few flower ideas in your mind, but you are not sure whether they will look cool while you walk down an aisle. There are plenty of things you need to consider beforehand such as budget, flower colors, style, type, number of blooms, overall arrangement, and much more.

So, the best thing is, to brush up on every little element before deciding on flowers for wedding bouquet. Here we have compiled a comprehensive guide so you can easily choose flowers for your wedding bouquet.

Make a Budget for Your Wedding Flowers:

Making a budget is undoubtedly the basic step in choosing flowers for the wedding bouquet.

Your wedding budget can help determine how much amount you need to fix for flowers and other arrangements. You also need to choose the type of flowers that can adjust with your budget. So, the first thing is, to sit down with your partner and discuss what amount should you set aside for your wedding flowers.

In Australia, many couples tend to spend almost 10% amount on wedding flowers. However, the number could vary based on the types of flowers you choose and the arrangements you consider for the wedding. If your budget is big, you can go for more elaborate designs like Lovely Melody or Ringed by Love.

Otherwise, some small yet compelling designs can also do the trick like Forever Beloved and Thinking of You.

Choose a Reliable Wedding Florist in Australia:

You need to choose flowers that perfectly fit your budget, wedding theme, color scheme, and season. And that’s what a wedding florist can do efficiently.

When you will work with a wedding florist in Australia, he can help you do everything in a more effective and reliable manner. Your wedding florist is the only person who can help make the right decisions based on your theme and overall color scheme.

Especially when it comes to offering professional input, they are just the lifesaver. your wedding florist can help make every tough decision like picking between red roses, peonies, or pink lilies. Do not forget to check the previous work of your wedding florist as it will give you a better idea about what they can actually do and what should you expect from them.

Do Some Research About Popular Wedding Flowers:

Nobody is an expert on choosing the right flowers for their wedding. That’s why it’s important to do some basic research before choosing flowers or meeting your wedding florist. It will give you some idea about the right wedding flowers that can add some difference.

When you are gathering floral inspiration, do not forget to check out the collection of popular wedding flowers such as peonies, roses, ranunculus, hydrangeas, and lilies.

moreover, you also need to decide if you want simple or fragrant flowers. If you want fragrant flowers then lilacs, jasmine, roses, sweet peas, freesias, peonies, and gardenias are the best-perfumed flowers that can make your venue fully fragrant and spectacular.

Consider Your Wedding Color Palette:

If you are confused about choosing the right flowers for your wedding as there are plenty of options to choose from, then think about in terms of color options. What colors do you and your partner adore the most?

Dahlias, lilies, roses, carnations, mums, and tulips are beautiful flowers that come in several amazing colors. Your florist can help you show all the varieties and colors so that you could decide easily. Peonies, hydrangeas, and anemones are some flowers that come in limited colors.

It isn’t necessary to match the colors of flowers with your entire wedding décor, but it’s better to choose colors that complement your wedding color palette. Check the colors you used for your invitation suite, table linens, dresses, and miscellaneous accents.

For example, if you are choosing the red theme for your wedding and choosing all red décor, then you can consider flowers in contrasting shades or choose colorful flowers so that they look more prominent.

Pick Flowers that Reflect Your Wedding Season:

choose the flowers that are easily available in your wedding season. Otherwise, your florist will need to work hard for finding something out of the season. For example, if your wedding date is in Spring, then Anemone, Calla lilies, and carnations are the best options.

However, there is no special rule set for choosing flowers, you can use any flower available in your wedding season. Moreover, out-of-season flowers are hard to find and also quite expensive as compared to seasonal ones.

Have a look at the flowers available in different seasons in Australia:

  • Summer: Flowers available in Summer are, carnations, Dahlias, Freesia, Hydrangea, roses, and Alstroemeria.
  • Autumn: Flowers available in Autumn are, Cosmos, Celosia, Freesia, Protea, Anthurium, and many others.
  • Winter: Flowers available in Winter are, Poppy, Protea, Blushing bride, Carnations, rose, Ranunculus.
  • Spring: Flowers available in Spring are, Blushing bride, Boronia, Calla lily, Celosia, David Austin Rose.

Flowers for Your Wedding Bouquet:

As you are carrying flowers while walking down the aisle, you need to choose them very carefully as your bouquet will be the center of attraction. So, the flowers should be fresh, colorful, and in optimal size. Work on the design that captures the heart and looks stunning. You can either go for colorful flowers, choose monotonous designs, or opt for a bunch of roses based on your preferences.

Get the Perfect Wedding Flowers for Bouquet from OZ Flower Delivery:

We hope that these ideas will help you choose the right flowers for your bouquet. In case, you are still confused or couldn’t find the right flowers for your wedding, then you can also visit OZ Flower Delivery collections and find out what type of flowers are best for your wedding bouquet.

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