February Birth Flower

February Birth Flower – Meanings and Symbolism

Though February is the shortest month of the year, but it’s never short of incredible surprises. Since it’s associated with love and romance due to Valentine’s Day, this is the only month when people give and receive a bunch of flowers from their favorite people.

Besides Valentine’s Day, giving flowers to someone born in February is also very special and memorable. People born in Feb are often associated with faithfulness, hope, and peace.

So, if you know someone who is born in February and you want to surprise him with an awesome birthday gift, then let’s choose special flowers that are associated with this month. These flowers can help reduce their stress, uplift mood, and strengthen your bond of love and togetherness.

Discover a February Birth flower for your dear ones and bring a heartwarming smile to their face.

February Birth Flower- An Overview:

Most people assume that Roses are the official flowers of February due to their association with love and Valentine’s Day. However, it’s not true.

Yes, people do give roses on Valentine’s Day, but it’s not the flower associated with February-born people. There are three flowers associated with Feb-born people. Primrose and Violet, and third are Iris. Though Iris is also associated with February but most people choose primrose and violet flowers to surprise their dear ones in Feb.

Violet Flowers- Blue- Purple Flower Associated with Purity, Peace, and Goodness:

Violet is the official birth flower for people born in February. The scientific name of this flower beautiful flower is Viola Odorata. This is a great blue-purple and sweet-scented flower which you always find bell-shaped. The flower is not only available in blue-purple shades, but they are also available in yellowish and cream-ish colors. In ancient Greece, this flower is associated with love and fertility.

The Violet flower also serves as a symbol of Aphrodite as well as used frequently as an ingredient for love potions. Not only that, but it is also important for herbal medicines as it is believed that these flowers have a lot of healing powers. They help treat respiratory illnesses, insomnia, and several skin issues.

Very few people know that February is named after the Roman God of Purification which makes Violet an ideal flower for this month as it mainly symbolized purity, peace, faithfulness, and goodness.

Blue Violets represent faithfulness, so when you receive this flower, it means the sender is ensuring you all his love and loyalty. People also choose white violets as they symbolize purity and innocence.

When you want to give your friends Violet flowers on their birthday, make sure you choose the yellow shades as they symbolize goodness. The Violet flower is also a sign of good fortune and health.


Primrose- Edible, Unique, Sacred, and Associated with First Love:

Primrose is another awesome flower associated with February-born people. The scientific name of this beautiful flower is Primula vulgaris which is quite soft, delicate, and edible in nature.

Primroses are usually available in light yellow color, but you can also find them in different beautiful shades such as pink, white, red, and purple. Despite their name and wonderful varieties of colors available, the primrose is not associated with roses. It has got its name from the Latin word called ‘primus’ which means ‘first.’

According to its name, the flower blooms in the early spring season which means if you or your friend is getting married, you can simply use these flowers to either send as a gift or decorate the venue. In terms of ancient Greece, the primrose flower is referred to the twelve gods as well as it has been used frequently in different useful ailments. It helps treat gout, speech problems, vertigo, paralysis, and others.

The most surprising feature of primrose is, you can use it as an ingredient in making soups, wines, or different salads, which makes it a necessary thing that adds taste to your food.

And when we talk about Norse mythology, you will find that they believe primrose is the most sacred flower of Freya. The ancient people used it in honoring their goddess in several significant rituals. According to ancient Celts, this beautiful flower has the keys to Heaven.

The unique symbolization and meaning of flowers make it a further unique choice for people born in February. Primrose flowers are associated with youth and young love, which is why it’s no doubt that flowers are also associated with first love.

When you give someone primrose, it means you are wishing them a life full of luxury, love, and pleasure. In romantic terms, giving your partner a primrose flower means, you are expressing your undying love for them and you cannot live a minute without them.


Iris- Symbol of Nobility, Hope, Wisdom, and Courage:

Iris- Another awesome flower for February-born people.

The scientific name of this beautiful flower is Iris germanica which is mainly bulbous and has thick rhizomes.

The stunning flower is derived from the Greek word which means ‘rainbow.’ In terms of Greek mythology, this unique flower is the pure embodiment and goddess of a beautiful rainbow.

Irises are very famous garden plants not just because of their elegance but also for their soft, rugged, as well as easy to grow features & characteristics. They are available in a huge range of colors, the same ones in the rainbow; and that’s how the flower got its name.

So, when you give to someone who is born in Feb, it means you are sending them the message of nobility, hope, courage, and wisdom.



If you want to spoil your special ones born in February, then this is the right time to do it with the right flowers. The above flowers are associated with this romantic month and convey the message of love, peace, hope, faith, and loyalty which are truly required in any relationship.

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