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10 Proposal Flowers for Her to Say “YES”

For centuries, people use flowers to confess their love to someone they adore the most. In fact, we believe a proposal without flowers is like sugar without cake. And do you know what’s the worst part? Without presenting beautiful proposal flowers, you can hardly expect a “yes” from your loved one.

It has become an important custom of giving flowers while proposing to your crush. To be honest, flowers help express some heartfelt emotions that are too intense for words. If you have ever proposed to someone, you know what we mean!

Another interesting fact is this ritual became more common when people started to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers to their dear ones.

Since then, whenever someone wants to propose to their crush, they take the help of delicate and fresh flowers to touch the heart of their recipient.

Now we all know that flowers are preliminary to confess love. But do we know what are the best proposal flowers in Australia that can help win the heart of your recipient and get a guaranteed “yes”? Well, of course, most of us do not know much about it. That’s why today we are here to discuss some stunning flowers to propose to your dear crush.

1.Carnations: Give the Message of Incessant Love

Want to say ‘I love you’ to someone devotedly?

You need a bouquet of bold red carnations as they symbolize love, passion, excitement, admiration, and fascination. When you give someone red carnations, it represents that you love them incessantly without any doubt.

The flowers are not only useful in confessing love but carnations can also be given on the occasion of the 1st wedding anniversary because they are also known as the wedding anniversary flowers.

2. Roses: Represent Love, Passion, and Romance

Who doesn’t love roses? Their delicate presence, soft petals, mesmerizing fragrance, and awesome shades make them the favorite and romantic flowers in the world. Roses are the epitome of true love. You don’t need to prepare a long speech to confess your love to someone. Simply give them a bouquet of red roses and you are done.

Roses are available in plenty of amazing shades. But if you want to say those three magical words, then red roses are perfect to consider. According to research, a bouquet of dozen roses symbolizes unlimited love, and a single red rose means someone wants to make you the permanent part of their life.

3. Lilies: Help Confess Your Infatuation

Are you infatuated with her beauty and smile?

Then why not confess your love with a bunch of pink lilies?

Lilies are the most beautiful and heavenly flowers that help convey your feelings of infatuation with someone. Lily is also a perfect flower to give your partner on the 30th-anniversary as it symbolizes an unbreakable bond.

4. Orchids: Conveys Your Intense and Deep Love

Orchids are the most romantic and beautiful flowers that convey your intense and deep love for someone.

These are the most elegant and rarest flowers available in different shades.

Especially when it comes to floral language, the rarer the flower you give to someone, the truer is your love. Thus, if you want to send a message of love till last breath, then no other flower is best than orchids.

5. Tulips: Make her Happy by Declaring Love

If you are looking for a wonderful proposal flower arrangement to make someone happy and smile, then Tulips can simply do the trick. Tulips are available in a plethora of shades, like roses and lilies. However, red tulips look fresher and help you convey undying love for someone.

What’s even more interesting is, giving red tulips to someone means you are declaring your love to that person- in Victorian Language. This means tulips are the perfect flowers to convey your feelings of love.

6. Sunflowers: Delivers the Message of Love and Happiness

Did you know sunflowers also make a great proposal flower bouquet other than roses?

That’s true. A bouquet of cheerful and bright sunflowers is ideal to confess love and brighten someone’s day. So, if you want to tell someone that their presence matters a lot in your life, and you are so happy to have them, then give them bright yellow sunflowers that surely make someone feel happy and blessed.

7. Chrysanthemums: Flowers for Love, Affection, and Kindness

Chrysanthemums are usually considered flowers of kindness, affection, and friendship. These are also the most popular flowers after roses and lilies.

So, if you want to convey feelings of love and affection for someone, give them a bouquet of red chrysanthemums as it symbolizes intense love that could never die no matter what.

8. Blue Irises: Reminiscent of Faith and Hope

Do you know the stunning Blue iris flower is great reminiscent of faith and hope?

These flowers have different amazing meanings but when you give them to someone as a gift, they convey very pure and deep sentiments. Also, the root of irises is associated with magical powers like the power to attract someone and make them love you.

That’s why blue irises are perfect to convey love and hope that your recipient would fall in love with you too.

9. Gerbera Daisies: 5th Most Popular Flowers in the World

Let’s begin your love story on a romantic note by giving your partner a bouquet of Gerbera Daisies. These are also the 5th most popular flowers in the world and represent cheerfulness, happiness, and innocence.

10. Primrose: Helps Say “I Can’t Live Without You”

Many people think that primrose belongs to a rose family- which is not true. It’s not closely related to roses but conveys a very heartwarming message. The flowers are associated with youth and love. If you want to say to someone “I can’t live without you” then primrose is the ideal flower. They represent safety, love, and protection.

Choose the Best Proposal Flowers for Your Love:

So, are you planning to propose to your crush this Valentine’s Day? If yes, then do not forget to buy the collection of these romantic flowers that can help convey your message with more love and affection.

Have a look at our romantic flower collection and decide what flowers are best to make her say “yes”.

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