Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Buy These 10 Flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2022

When done right, flowers are undoubtedly the best gift for your dear ones.

Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day, nothing could make your partner feel more special than a bunch of fresh and fragrant flowers.

Since Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, many couples and partners are feeling intimidated about choosing the perfect gift. Some of them are thinking about a piece of jewelry, and some of them are planning a date night.

But the fact is, you couldn’t make someone feel special with these outdated ideas that you have tried every year. If you want to make a strong impact on someone’s heart and profess your love to your partner, then this is the time to get an amazing Valentine’s Day flower arrangement packed with unconditional love and affection.

Here at OZ Flower Delivery, we help you choose stunning bouquets and flower arrangements based on your needs, wants, and budget. to make the selection process easy, we have come up with a list of some best flowers for Valentine’s Day you can buy in 2022.

1. Long Stemmed Red Roses:

Looking for a more classical flower choice? What about the bold red roses? Yes, long-stemmed red roses are the most fabulous choice for your Valentines’. They can never go out of style. Especially if you want to profess your love for someone, no other flower could beat the elegance of red roses that actually symbolize passion, undying love, and romance.

You can find great variety, sizes, and colors of roses. But long-stemmed red roses are more like a traditional choice for this special day that fits every taste. A beautiful bouquet of roses arranged artfully is something extraordinary to express your love. For these reasons, red roses are the ultimate choice to consider for this beautiful day.

What’s more interesting is, red roses are also the cheap Valentine’s Day flowers among all as they are in great abundance and loved by everyone.

2. Purple Orchids- A Symbol of Respect and Dignity:

Well, red roses are the typical and traditional choice for Valentines’ Day that can be given to anyone you love. But besides expressing love for someone, if you want to show them how much you respect and adore them, then send them a bouquet of purple orchids.

These beautiful flowers represent admiration, love, respect, and dignity. These are the rarest choice for this occasion, but their petals are delicate, smooth, which reminds the beauty of your relationship with the recipient.

3. Sunflowers- Best for Your Mom, Friends, or Siblings:

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for lovers and couples? Not at all. It’s a day to express your love for anyone. Whether it’s your mother, friends, colleagues, or friends, you can celebrate with anyone- but with bright yellow sunflowers.

You can send a bouquet of cheerful yellow sunflowers to anyone you love, as a symbol of affection, appreciation, and love.

4. Lilies- Sweet, Innocent, and Beautiful:

Like roses, lilies also come in different colors and varieties and each variety holds a specific meaning. These elegant, sweet, crisp and creamy lilies are probably the most unexpected but ultra-sophisticated gift for your partner.

You can mix them with a bunch of roses to make the bouquet more unique. Lilies symbolize joy, which is why they can make a perfect gift for someone on Valentine’s Day.

5. Pink Tulips- Great to Show Care, Affection, and Love:

Whether you want to express love to your partner, mother, or sister, pink tulips are probably the best choices. A beautiful bouquet of pink tulips can perfectly convey love to your partner and send them good wishes.

Tulips are available in different colors, so when the occasion is Valentine’s Day, pink flowers can best symbolize care, love, and affection.

6. AlstroemeriaA Symbol of Devotion:

Let’s say happy Valentine’s Day to your friends with a bouquet of beautiful Alstroemeria which is an ultimate symbol of beauty, friendship, and devotion.

These flowers are the relative of the lily family and possess a great scent that every person definitely adores.

7. White Daisies- Represent Purity and Innocence:

White daises- One of the most elegant and peaceful flowers that look extremely cool and sweet when arranged in a bouquet. These beautiful white daisies send a happy reminder that spring is just coming and that you are excited to celebrate the season with your loved one. These flowers are also a perfect gift for new mothers as they represent purity and innocence.

Due to their sophisticated and charming appeal, white daisies are probably the best choice for your partner.

8. Calla Lilies- Chic and Unique:

Is your partner too moody and unpredictable? Surprise them with calla lilies that can surely make your recipient happy and change their mood. These flowers are chic and suit every person’s style.

It’s recommended to buy elegant and long-stemmed burgundy calla lilies that are definitely showstoppers for everyone. They look great when combined with other flowers in a bouquet.

9. Carnations- Associated with Motherly Love:

Carnations are the beautiful and sophisticated ruffled flowers that make an affectionate gift for someone you love unconditionally. Therefore, they make a great choice for your mother.

Make sure you buy them from a reliable florist who knows how to decorate them perfectly in a bouquet. These are available in different colors. So, if you want to surprise your partner with anything other than red roses, then send them a bouquet of red carnations that represent fascination, distinction, and love.

10. Anemones- Bright and Peppy Flowers:

Anemones is another stunning choice for your partner. These are bright and peppy flowers that are not considered as the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but they look extremely fresh, bright, and unique.

These flowers are also delicate in nature and symbolize protection. Sending these flowers mean that you are conveying care and concern to your recipient.

Send Beautiful Flowers for Valentine’s Day in 2022:

We hope that you will love all the flower choices we mentioned above. If you are confused about which are the right flowers to send to your recipient, visit us at OZ Flower Delivery and let our experts choose a perfect Valentine’s Day bouquet for your dear ones. We are sure that you would love our entire flower collection as it is based on your budget and the latest trends.

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