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The Meaning Behind 6 Different Types of Sympathy Flowers

Expressing sympathies after the loss of a dear one is a way to show how much you love and care about the person. Conveying sympathies to someone isn’t a formal kind of thing that you have to do just to showcase that yes, you have done the job.

But it’s more like sending a message of love, support, and encouragement. When you send your sympathies, you are simply lending your support to someone who is going through a difficult phase.

So, what could be a better way to show your love and support than sending a bouquet of sympathy flowers? But it’s not that simple. You have to put some thought into it before telling your florists to put together a nice bouquet. Take some time to learn what flowers should you send and what meanings and symbols would they convey to the grieving recipient.

Also, think about the relationship you had with the deceased person. Was he your friend? A cousin? A colleague? Or a distant family member? When you consider everything carefully, you can surely make the right floral decision.

Here we have put together some beautiful sympathy flowers that convey different meanings. So next time when you have to choose funeral flowers, you don’t feel intimidating.


Chrysanthemum flowers have their own unique fragrance and appearance. The flowers are also called “mum” due to their symbolic nature. These flowers convey different meanings in different cultures, so while creating a sympathy bouquet, it is important to analyze their meanings.

For example, In Asian countries, white chrysanthemums symbolize pain and grief, but in European countries, this flower represents death and loss and they only use it for memorials. However, in the United States, these flowers are considered lighthearted and peaceful flowers that are usually given to honor the life of a deceased person.

Overall, the chrysanthemum flowers are the best choice for these occasions. Its best for families who have ties to Asian and European countries.



Another beautiful choice for sympathy and funeral occasions is Lilies. These flowers are extremely beautiful in shape and generally given to the family of the departed person. The flowers are usually associated with rebirth, new beginnings, and new chapters of life.

Lilies are also a great reminder to the family of a deceased person that the person will never be forgotten, and you will always keep them in your prayers and thoughts. However, in Christianity, this pretty flower delivers the idea that the soul of a deceased person has got renewed innocence.

Sending white lilies or a bouquet of cream, light pink, and light green flowers are best for sympathy occasions.



Hyacinth flowers have different amazing meanings. However, when the flowers are used on sympathy occasions, they represent grief, sorrow, and anguish.

Hyacinth blooms have a very sweet aroma which is specifically best for funeral services. It tells the mourners that they will always be in your mind, and you will always be there for them no matter what. These flowers are best to convey your love and support.

Its unique name is originated from Greek mythology that refers to the time when Spartan prince Hyacinthus died in a very horrible accident. After that, the Greek god Apollo introduced the flower “hyacinth” to honor his departed soul.



With their sweet aroma, beautiful appearance, vibrant colors, and delicate petals roses are an ideal choice for every occasion. Whether you want to send them in a memorial service, or just want to convey sympathies after the funeral, roses are perfect flowers that help convey your feelings without saying anything.

At a funeral, the flowers help express different sentiments that depend on the colors you select. Different colors of roses are associated with various meanings. For example,

  • Pink roses symbolize admiration and appreciation,
  • Dark pink is best for conveying gratitude
  • Bold red is associated with deep and passionate love
  • White roses symbolize purity
  • And yellow is best for friendship

It’s also recommended to mix and match all colors so you can convey various meanings. For example, mixing red and white flowers usually convey harmony and unity while red and yellow indicate love, joy, and cheerfulness.

For sympathies, white roses are best as they are associated with peace, calm, and elegance.



If you want to convey eternal love to the family of a deceased person, orchids are the ideal flowers to consider. The best part is these flowers have the ability to live longer than other blooms. Also, orchids have various types and varieties, so it’s not easy to choose a particular type when it comes to sending sympathy flowers.

However, people prefer to choose pink and white orchids to convey sympathies to their loved ones. These flowers symbolize rebirth, innocence, memories, and remembrance.



You must have heard about the beautiful, bright, and cheerful flowers Daffodils that can be presented to someone to wish a happy and blessed life.

The flowers can also be sent as sympathy flowers as they symbolize rebirth and new beginnings. These bold and beautiful flowers remind mourners that they should deal with things with patience and death is not the end, in fact, it’s a new start. Daffodils are ideal for funeral arrangements due to their bright, yellow, and joyful appearance.

You can send them after the funeral and for the memorial as well. They look awesome when combined with other flowers in the bouquet, making daffodils an excellent choice for grieving people.


Where to Buy the Best Sympathy Flowers?

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