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How to Send Flowers to a Funeral Home?

When we want to express sympathy to someone who is dealing with the loss of their dear one, we often find ways to comfort them during this tough time. Some people prefer to send sympathy cards, while some plant a memorial tree, and some choose to deliver funeral flowers to express condolences.

Whatever method you choose to express sympathies, it should be powerful enough to offer some comfort to the bereaved. Among all the methods, we believe that sending a floral arrangement to the funeral service is comparatively the best method. Flowers serve as a reminder of kindness, love, and care. Above all, flowers are the universal favorite items that nobody could ever dislike receiving. Especially on such a somber occasion, flowers can help express your sympathies in the best way possible.

However, when it comes to expressing condolences and you need to send flowers to a funeral home in Australia to express sympathies, then you have to follow proper tactics and practices to ensure that your flowers are delivering comfort to someone.

In today’s guide, we have mentioned how flowers are a ubiquitous part of every funeral and which flowers you should choose to make the occasion more respectful.

Why Should You Send Flowers to a Funeral Home?

According to a popular tradition, when someone dies, you send flowers to a funeral home to express sympathies with the bereaved. These flowers are not for the deceased person, but they are just for the living ones who are suffering from the precious loss. They can at least enjoy the delicateness of flowers as they give extreme comfort to someone who is overwhelmingly sad.

When you send flowers for someone during the funeral, you are simply demonstrating your love for one who left the world. Flowers give support and help express your condolences to the people he left behind. Therefore, nothing could be a perfect gift or sympathy than a bouquet of elegant flower arrangements.

Follow Times and Dates of the Funeral Service or Memorial:

When you send flowers to funeral homes, it’s important to follow proper etiquette for sending sympathy flowers. Especially when it comes to sending funeral flowers to a funeral home, it’s better to arrange them with the help of your florists so that they can deliver them on the morning of the funeral.

Also, when you have to send flowers and other remembrances to the service, make sure you know the timing and dates of the funeral so you can send the arrangement timely. If you are unaware of the timings, it’s better to contact the family of a deceased so you can easily follow the timings and ask your florists to prepare the arrangement on time.

Mention the Proper Address of a Funeral Home:

When you are sending flowers to a funeral, it’s important to mention the proper address of a funeral home. For example, if you want to send flowers to Blacks Funeral Home, make sure you mention their correct address so that your flowers can arrive timely to the intended recipients at the right place.

Should You Send Sympathy Flowers or Funeral Flowers?

Before sending flowers, many people wonder, “should I send sympathy flowers or funeral flowers to a service”? People get confused because they didn’t know the meanings of sympathy and funeral flowers.

However, it’s important to note that, many types of funeral flowers are only reserved for the immediate family of a deceased. For example, only close family members can choose casket sprays, standing flowers, and floral wreaths. So if you are the immediate family member or very close friend of a deceased, you can choose to send one of these floral arrangements to express condolences.

These special types of arrangements are comparatively bigger than the normal type of arrangement. These arrangements are formally displayed at the funeral service, or sometimes at graveside burial.

Though sympathy flowers are a bit different than funeral flowers. You don’t have to send sympathy flowers during the funeral, you can send them after the funeral to express your sympathies. This is more like a traditional kind of flower arrangement that is available in form of baskets, vases, or bouquets. You can send these arrangements to the home of a deceased person or at the residence of a family member. Sympathy flowers are usually sent to pay tribute to the person who has left the world.

What Type of Flowers Should You Choose for a Funeral Service?

You must be wondering that what type of flowers should you send for a funeral. Though the best idea is to send flowers that are loved by the deceased.

Especially if you know their favorite color and type of flower, then it’s better to choose the exact arrangement.

However, if are unsure about their favorite colors and types, then you can consider sending some traditional flowers such as roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and lilies. Though you don’t have to feel trapped by these simple options, you can choose any type of flower that your florists recommend.

Some popular funeral flowers are:

  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Freesias
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Orchids
  • Solidago
  • Agapanthus
  • White carnations

The Costs of Funeral Flowers:

Funeral flowers are usually available at different prices and types but most of them are quite inexpensive. For example, when you choose online florists, you can get a small arrangement for only $106.95.

In case of long arrangements, the prices will vary. Don’t let the numbers scare you, because you can also choose custom flower arrangements based on your needs and budget. Just tell your requirements to the florists and get a perfect flower arrangement delivered at the funeral service.

Final Thoughts:

The tradition of sending flowers to a funeral service is not new. Whenever someone dies, you have to send flowers to pay tribute to their memories. So, on those occasions, it’s better to follow the proper practices and etiquette so you could convey your condolences properly.

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