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Birthday Flowers for Him – Best Flowers to Surprise Him on Birthday

Who says that guys don’t love receiving flowers? Well, yes, we agree that flowers are often seen as a more feminine kind of gift but let us tell you a secret- guys also love to receive a bunch of flowers from their partner; because flowers symbolize unconditional love and affection which makes them a heartwarming gift.

Especially when the occasion is a birthday, then no other gift could make them feel special than a bouquet of dazzling and fragrant flowers.

Be it roses, lilies, or tulips, flowers help you express your feelings when words do not suffice. So, if you are feeling intimidated and it’s time of the year when your partner’s birthday is fast approaching, then don’t waste your time anymore, and let’s surprise him with colorful flowers that could melt his heart.

Here we have compiled a list of some best birthday flowers for him that suit every taste and budget. Scroll below and choose a bouquet that your partner may love more than anything.

Give White Orchids to Your Man:

If you want flowers that embody a more decent, sophisticated, and gender-neutral touch, then do not hesitate to choose a white orchid. These are the most stunning masculine flowers not because of their elegant and clean look, but also because these flowers exhibit positivity and charm.

If your partner feels stressed out at the workplace and frustrated due to his daily routine, then white orchids would be an ultimate present that would make him feel relaxed and peaceful when he sees them decorated around his table. These are also the preferred choice because of their less care and maintenance. You don’t need to do extra care for these flowers, just water them every day and enjoy their elegance for weeks.

Red Chrysanthemums to Express Gratitude:

Want to express your love and gratitude? Let’s give him the rich and bold red chrysanthemum flowers. They are absolutely the ideal masculine that embodies a powerful appearance due to their vibrant petal shapes. In addition to that, chrysanthemum flowers also represent friendship, positivity, and well-being. Therefore, if you two are staying apart, then sending a bouquet of red chrysanthemums will help you express gratitude for having that special person in your life. Especially if he is born in November then nothing could make something more ideal than these flowers as they are the official birth flowers of November.

Express Your Unconditional Love with Red Roses:

Who doesn’t love the beauty and delicacy of red roses?

Show the man in your life that you love him passionately and unconditionally with a bouquet of red roses. Sending roses keep the spark alive as the flowers symbolize true love. The flowers help you show him that how much you love and adore him. These flowers are beautiful and timeless and associated with never-ending romance. So, if your man is the classic and traditional type of person, we are sure that he would love the vibes of roses.

Plus, if you are going on a date night with him, red roses would be an absolutely perfect gift to consider.

Cheer Him Up with Gerberas:

If you want to cheer up your man, let’s surprise him with a bunch of Gerberas flowers! These beautiful blooms never fail to make your partner feel happy and grateful. Their bold and bright petals are delicate to hold and give great inner peace to the recipient.

Gerberas are available in beautiful shades of orange, bold red, dark yellow, pink, scarlet, and others. So, if you want to surprise him with his favorite colors, you will find a great variety in Gerberas. Moreover, if your recipient is born in April, then choosing Gerberas is a nice choice as these are the official birth flowers of April.

Black Dahlias- Portray a Royal and Luxurious Look:

Have you ever seen black dahlias? If yes, then you must admit that how royal, elegant and stunning they look.

Black dahlias are somewhat moody and stylish flowers that become a great addition to your birthday bouquet. Due to their bold and deep colors, black dahlias are excellent masculine flowers as they also exhibit a luxurious look. If you want to add these flowers to the birthday bouquet, make sure you pair them up with green herbs like rosemary and thyme for a more spectacular touch.

Appreciate Him with White Hydrangeas:

Nobody can ever go wrong with the beauty of white hydrangeas that are available in elegant white color. Their androgynous design looks traditional when added with other flowers in a bouquet.

When you gift someone hydrangeas, it means you are simply conveying your feelings, emotions, love, and gratitude. These are the awesome flowers for your partner that can help you say how thankful you are for his presence in your life. These flowers show great appreciation towards him.

Craspedia- Perfect Flowers for Every Man:

Just like its name, Craspedia flowers are unique in their looks too.

These flowers are usually given to men, which makes them the perfect masculine flowers to add to your birthday bouquet. These flowers are also called Billy Buttons due to their round button-like shape. So, these circular yellow flowers feature a striking appeal which makes them highly adorable birthday flowers for him. So, if you want to bring a smile to his face, give him a bouquet of Craspedia flowers that would shine as bright as him.

Select the Right Birthday Flowers for Him Today!

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