chrysanthemum flowers for November

What are the Birth Flowers for November?

A long time ago, we only relied on emails, text messages, and phone calls to wish our dear ones on their birthdays. There were no specific means to deliver gifts or anything that could make them feel special. However, after the advancement of technology and communication, we can now send flowers to our loved ones and wish them a happy birthday without leaving the comfort of our home.

With more drastic improvements in floriography (the language of flowers), now you can send a specific flower corresponding to their birth month. For example, if your recipient is born in November, you can surprise him by sending special birth flowers for November that convey beautiful meanings.

Chrysanthemums are the special flowers associated with November that convey a unique meaning and symbol.  The flower works well as a substitute for words. Due to their beauty, elegance, and fragrance, Chrysanthemums are the ideal flowers to treat your family & friends with love.

So, let’s scroll below to know the meaning and symbolism of Chrysanthemum flowers so you could treat your loved ones extra special on their birthday.

Chrysanthemums Flowers Meaning and Symbolism:

Chrysanthemum is an official birth flower for November that looks cheery, bright, and bold. The flowers are usually referred to as “mums” due to their lovely meanings and symbolism. They bloom in an extensive range of sizes, colors, and patterns. Some popular hues of mums are white, yellow, pink, cream, and red.

These beautiful flowers belong to Asia and the northeastern parts of Europe. Chrysanthemum has got its name from the Greek word “chrysos” which means gold, as well as “ánthemon” which means flower.

Chrysanthemums belong to the daisy family, which then expands to further blooms such as asters, zinnias, or coneflowers. Large varieties of chrysanthemums bloom in the autumn season, but you can also find them all year round in some parts of Australia.

After roses, Chrysanthemums are the most popular flowers and are loved by every person. The meanings of mum flowers may change based on their colors. For example, red chrysanthemums say I love you, a white means innocence, purity, and calm, whereas yellow chrysanthemums mean slighted love.

Besides colors, these flowers have different meanings in different cultures. In Chinese culture, the flower represents stateliness. They also represent joy, innocence, and rebirth. In Japanese culture, it’s an emblem of youth. However, according to Confucius, it’s a symbol of meditation.

Chrysanthemums History:

Now it’s time to discuss the historic significance of this beautiful flower.

In the early 15th century BC, these elegant flowers are cultivated as a great flowering herb in countries like China. Chrysanthemums is one of the four popular plants existing in Chinese culture and commonly referred to as “The Four Gentlemen,” which was first depicted in art and begins during the Song Dynasty, 960 to 1279.

The sophisticated chrysanthemum flower was mainly used to symbolize autumn in its traditional style of paintings.

Are you a November Baby? Here’s What Chrysanthemums Say About You!

As Chrysanthemums are connotated with love, abundance, brightness, cheerfulness, passion, and friendship, the November-born babies also have all these qualities.

If you know any November born, you must admit the fact that these people are great to be around, and they are very generous with love, attention, energy, and money. November babies are efficient enough in making people happy, despite all their personal problems. They face difficulties with smiles and encourage others in every situation.

How Can You Buy Chrysanthemums?

Buying chrysanthemum flowers is not at all a daunting task now. especially if you are buying online, you can find a lot of amazing options around. Hundreds of florists provide different varieties, arrangements, and colors of chrysanthemum flowers for every occasion. Hence, relying on a reputable florist like OZ Flower Delivery is a great option to buy flowers online without spending tons of money.

When you choose online florists, you can simply get fresh-cut flowers that are directly sourced from fields.

However, when it comes to choosing flowers, make sure you are avoiding drooping and wilting blooms. Though they can be easily recovered when you take good care of them, they won’t last long. So, it’s always better to have fresh-cut flowers that have a longer lifespan.

Ideal Flowers for Mother’s Day:

Chrysanthemums are usually referred to as the best flowers for Mother’s Day due to their lovely and friendly nature. The flowers symbolize unconditional love and care for your dear ones. Also, the flowers end with “mums”, making them a perfect gift for your mother. So, if it’s Mother’s Day, make sure you are choosing fresh pink flowers as they are more feministic in nature and look amazing when presented on such a beautiful occasion.

Interesting Facts About Chrysanthemums:

Now that you understand the meaning and symbolism of Chrysanthemum flowers, you must want to know some interesting facts that make them popular and significant flowers in history.

  • Chrysanthemums are the official flower of the city of Chicago.
  • Traditional flowers for Mother’s Day, symbolize true love and are extremely popular after roses.
  • Red flowers express love, pink express gratitude, and yellow symbolizes a wounded heart.
  • Best flowers to give on 13th wedding anniversary.
  • In China, it’s a popular flower used in many poetries.
  • Chinese eat, steam, and boil the leaves of Chrysanthemums.
  • The flowers help reduce pollution in the air
  • Asian people love chrysanthemum tea and is also used in wines and other drinks.

Let’s Order the Best Flowers for November Today!

So, after knowing all the facts and elements, are you ready to order Chrysanthemum flowers for your November-born friends? If yes, then this is the perfect time to surprise them with the elegant appearance and fragrance of these eclectic blooms.

Make sure you choose the colors carefully based on the relationship with your recipient. At Oz Flower Delivery, we help you choose the right bouquet based on your needs and budget. You can choose from our extensive range of collection and make your recipient’s day as special as they are.

However, if you are curious to know birth flowers for other months, have a look at this birth month flower chart and know which flower is associated with the corresponding month.

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