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Planning a Summer Wedding? Here’s Your Go-to Guide for Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you looking for a summer wedding inspiration? If yes, then soak up some ideas from our expert florists in Australia who are here to provide a detailed guideline about summer wedding flowers.

One of our favorite things about summer weddings is, you can choose from plenty of gorgeous flowers as there are tons of unique flowers available in different colors, ranges, and patterns in summer. You can really push all the boundaries when it comes to choosing beautiful summer flowers for your wedding in Australia.

These flowers can create an ultimate theme and set a perfect mood. Above all, summer is a great time to get married in Australia as your guests have some off time from work and wonderful summer flowers are blooming in full swing.

However, it’s also important to check what summer flowers can survive in extreme heat and what flowers are ideal to consider. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, because we are going to cover everything in our go-to guide today.

So, if you are planning a summer wedding, here are some amazing tips to keep in mind so you can make your big day special and memorable.

Make Sure You Pick Long Lasting Flowers:

The first thing to consider is, choosing long-lasting flowers. The flowers can stay fresh, alive, and fully bloomed for days and weeks. Many florists in Australia usually refer to them as hearty flowers, which means they are strong and can withstand extreme heat weather conditions.

Some of the great summer wedding flowers that are long-lasting in nature are tropical flowers and native flowers, which include sunflowers, celosia, orchids, daisies, carnations, and chrysanthemums, etc. There are many rose varieties as well that can do well in aggressive temperatures.

Our best advice is to consult with local florists in Australia and buy some seasonal and local flowers for your wedding. Especially if you want some colorful flowers with soft petals, it’s an idea to choose seasonal flowers rather than importing them from some other state or a country as they are not likely to survive more than 1 day. A good example of a long-lasting flower is the hydrangea. This is a much-appreciated summer flower ideal for weddings, and sourced from fresh fields, making it the strongest flower of the season as well.

long lasting flowers

Consider Bright and Bold Flower Colors:

Summer weddings are all about fun, and of course a little color as well!

Without bold, beautiful, and vibrant shades, your summer wedding is incomplete. Especially summer weddings are usually held outdoors and considered a bit semiformal, fun, and fancy. This means you have to pick bright and bold flower colors for an absolute Instagram-ready look.

Some of the ideal color choices for your summer wedding are dark red, hot pink, purple, brown, and lime green. You can also go for white flowers but it’s better to pair them with pink and red. Another reason to choose bold colors is, they can cover all kinds of imperfections in flowers. If you only go for pastel or neutral shades, you might find bruising or yellowish shade in them. Therefore, it’s better to go for vibrant flower colors that complement the whole theme.

bright and bold

What are the Best Flowers for Summer Weddings in Australia?

If you want to create a classy, stylish, and romantic style, it’s better to consider the advice of flower delivery services in Australia that work with the most trusted and professional florists. They know what it takes to create a mesmerizing wedding bouquet. They would add trendy, colorful, and seasonal flowers in the bouquet that are affordable for an even budget.

Some of the best summer wedding flowers are:

  • Kangaroo Paw:

An extremely favorite choice for summer weddings in Australia, featuring unique claw-like furry flowers. Whether you add them to a bouquet or decorate your venue, these iconic flowers add rustic charm to your wedding.

  • Liatris:

You may not have heard about them, but Liatris are gorgeous flowers that have fluffy purple or white appearance often clustered in a cylindrical spike.

  • Protea:

Protea flowers always exist in summer weddings in Australia due to their large bloom size as well as unique texture.

  • Queen Anne’s Lace:

These unusual flowers feature large sprays of delicate fine petals that are usually white or green colors. Most people love to decorate them at outdoor weddings.

  • Zinnia:

These are the popular and favorite choices of most brides. These flowers are absolutely adorable in shape and somehow related to sunflowers. They add a great burst of color, and you can find them in an extensive range of colors, sizes, and shapes.

  • Allium:

Have you ever seen Allium flowers? These are the best choices for summer weddings in Australia due to their unique and beautiful texture. They are the whimsical ball-shaped singular blooms that exist on a long thin stem. These flowers were previously ideal for cottage garden-inspired theme weddings but now become popular for every outdoor wedding.

  • Gerbera Daisies:

You must have heard about Gerbera Daisies, right? The flowers have super- bright, vibrant, and sturdy stalks, making them an excellent choice for gerbera for a summer wedding especially if you want some extra pop of color. These flowers look classic and charming and give pure summer vibes. When you combine them with other flowers in a bouquet like roses, tulips, and lilies, they look stunning.

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