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Send Flowers to Friends on Singles’ Day

When someone says, “I am single”, people feel pity for them as if they deserve sympathy. We know being single is totally frowned upon, and just because you are not someone’s “bae”, people feel so sorry about your relationship status. But what we believe is, life is too short to stress on these things, let’s turn that upside down and enjoy being single unless you find someone who deserves your love!

As the name suggests, Singles day is an unofficial holiday dedicated to only singles. It stems from Chinese tradition and falls in the month of November. The day is celebrated across different parts of the world- including Australia.

Though this is not the only day to treat yourself or your friends special, yes! This is the only day to celebrate your independence and enjoy being single. If you know someone who is single, or one of your friends is still enjoying being single, then this is the perfect time to celebrate the day with them by sending beautiful friendship flowers that put a beautiful smile on their face.

What is Singles Day?

Before we continue further, it’s important to understand what singles day is, and how should you celebrate the day to make it memorable.

As mentioned above, singles day is originally a day dedicated to only singles who have not yet stepped into a relationship and enjoying their independence. It was originated from China when four students at Nanjing University innovated the idea of celebrating each other’s independence and created Singles Day in honor of being single. First, the idea spread through their university, and after its popularity, it was celebrated all around the world.

Singles Day is celebrated on 11th November every year, which is also called “11/11” double eleven. The day is a celebration of independence and affirmation.

How to Celebrate Singles Day?

As we all know that the day is dedicated to single people only, so you can engage yourself in different activities that give you the real joy and pleasure of being single.

Whether you are celebrating the singles day as a single person, or just want to appreciate your friends for being single, follow the below ideas to make the day special yet memorable.

  • Send Flowers to Your Friends:

It’s always good to show some love for yourself on this day, so you can enjoy the true joys and happiness. It’s called self-love, and you really deserve this no matter what others say or think about you being single. To do that in the best way possible, treat yourself with flowers. The happiness of buying flowers for yourself is extremely wonderful. Try some time, we bet you love it!

On the other hand, if you know someone or if your friends are single, then it’s best to treat them with gorgeous flowers. Flowers will always remind them that they are such a beautiful person, and it isn’t necessary to receive flowers from your “bae” every time, there are other people as well who adore them.

But what flowers could make them happier? Don’t worry, we will tell you about that too- but later, just scroll down a little!

  • Dine with Your Friends:

Another way to make them happy on Singles day is, dine with them in their favorite restaurant. Treat them to a special meal.

That’s what you actually do for your partner, but only if you have one. And since your friends are always there accompanying you in good and bad times, they deserve a special treat too. So besides them flowers, it’s better to go the extra mile and plan an evening filled with a lot of gossips and delicious food.

  • Travel:

If you or your friends love doing travel adventures, then this is the day you shouldn’t miss. Plan a road trip and enjoy your freedom. Go to the places that make you happy.

It will give you and your friends a chance to make beautiful memories together.

Send Flowers to Friends to Celebrate Singles Day:

Besides doing the above activities, sending flowers is probably the best- and cheap too. You don’t have to spend tons of money to celebrate happiness. Just buy their favorite flowers and you are done. However, if you don’t have ideas about their choice, you can choose some traditional friendship flowers that could make them happier.

  • Mixed Tulips:

Tulip flowers are usually associated with love, positivity, and of course friendship. So, when it comes to sending flowers to your friends, tulips are probably an incredible choice to consider.

Whether you want to choose 10-12 stems or a whole bouquet to make them happy, tulips always look wonderful. Make sure you choose mixed colors of flowers as the bouquet will look fresher and healthier. Plus, they can also decorate these colorful flowers in a vase.

  • Sunflowers:

Sunflowers are another amazing flower to gift someone on singles day. the flowers represent loyalty and strength. Sunflowers are definitely an ideal choice as their bright yellow color automatically gives the message of cheerfulness and happiness.

  • Sweet Pea:

The gorgeous sweet pea flowers have always been considered a symbol of appreciation and gratitude. These sweetly scented flowers can make anyone’s day bright and cheerful. When you choose online florists for buying sweet pea flowers, you can find out hundreds of stunning varieties, colors, and patterns.

  • Yellow Roses:

Yellow roses are probably the best flowers to give your friends. the deliciously fragrant bouquet of yellow roses wrapped elegantly can surely deliver a very sweet message. Make sure you add a notecard as well and mention how special he/she is.


Sending flowers on the singles day is not a new tradition. In fact, it’s the loveliest way to surprise your dear ones and make them happiest on this day. So, if you want to make your friends feel special and loved on singles day, then do not forget to check OZ Flower Delivery where we have an extensive range of flowers for every occasion that fits well with every budget and requirement.

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