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How to Send Flowers Anonymously?

Flowers are one of the most wonderful gifts to make someone feel special and loved. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, or Christmas, sending flowers to someone always brings joy and a beautiful smile to your recipient’s face.

When it comes to sending flowers, you always have two choices. Whether to send them anonymously or with a signed card. However, when it comes to sending flowers anonymously, you have to be careful because you want to create an air of mystery which is probably great fun for couples who fall for one another every day. On the other hand, when you send signed flowers to your recipient, they may feel cherished when they see your name on the card.

Well, both options have their own positive and negative points. Some women find it cute, while some find it a bit creepy- which means sending flowers anonymously is an extremely polarizing topic. Many people consider it an intimidating act and they argue that this makes them more uncomfortable and uneasy.

So, with that being said, what do you think sending flowers anonymously is a good idea or not? Should you do it to make your recipient happy?

Well, it depends on your relationship with the person. However, if you want to send flowers anonymously to your crush, or just want to make your partner happy, you must know some tips and tricks before sending flowers.

Create a Message to Make Your Recipient Smile:

The idea behind sending a gift to your special person is conveying a romantic feeling through your lovely gesture.

Many people around us love the special feelings that are attached to the gift rather than the actual gift they receive. So, if you wish to send flowers to your dear one anonymously, make sure you are creating a beautiful message that could make your recipient smile and be loved.

Remember, the vibe of a simple floral bouquet is just more than flowers. It carries special meanings and emotions; especially it carries a lovely message that is powerful enough to make your recipient smile and happy.

If they have achieved success recently, you could congratulate them on achieving the milestone. Or just show them how much you love and adore them. You can also wish them a happy birthday with an anonymous bouquet. There are a lot of reliable online florists who can help you create a bouquet and keep your identity confidential.

These ideas may sound obvious, but in reality, when you implement them, you have no idea how much happy your recipient feels after seeing such a remarkable gesture.

Express Feelings Through Anonymous Flowers:

We have seen many people send flowers anonymously to their crush.

If you are also one of those who wants to send a proposal to their partner for marriage, or if you are someone who is infatuated with a person, then sending them a romantic bouquet could be an excellent way to pour your heart out. You don’t have to say anything as the bouquet will be powerful enough to convey your message beautifully.

Here we will give you a simple idea. Sending red roses is the ultimate symbol of love. Red roses represent passion, joy, love, and romance. If you want to propose to your crush, red roses will do a perfect job. However, after a few hours when they receive your bouquet, you can send them a text message or just call them to reveal your identity so that they could know who is the person that adores them too much.

On the other hand, if you want to make your significant other happy, sending him or her desired flowers is probably the best way to do it. Write an effective and lovely message that could simply speak your heart out. When you write something nice, personal, and awesome, it could grab their attention and they would definitely think about you for a second. Tell them how much you love them, and what makes you a special person for them.

Who knows your relationship get strengthened after this little act of love and kindness?

How to Send Flowers Anonymously?

Now that you have decided to surprise your dear ones with anonymous flowers, how could you send them to their doorstep to make them curious?

Let’s follow these simple steps:

  • Go online and search for reliable florists such as OZ Flower Delivery that could help keep your identity safe and follow all the instructions.
  • Write “Anonymous” where it asks you to enter your name. Or you could also leave it blank.
  • Write the message you want to convey. This message will help express your feelings. However, if you don’t want to enter anything, you can keep it blank too.
  • Mention the mobile number as well as the email address of your recipient.
  • After that, you will be asked to provide your delivery address. Now you can mention the address and ask the services to keep it confidential.
  • Flowers will be delivered within a few hours and your identity will be kept confidential.
  • Make sure you choose weekdays for sending flowers. Most services deliver orders from 10 am during weekdays and 4 PM on Saturdays.

When can You Send Flowers Anonymously?

There could be different occasions and scenarios to send flowers anonymously. For example, you have been dating someone, you regularly meet her, enjoy dinners, send gifts and do everything. But now you want to ask her for a relationship and make it official. This is the time when you can send her flowers anonymously to make her a surprise and propose to her. And after a few hours, maybe a call or a text could further do the trick and she says “yes” to your proposal. Isn’t it exciting?

Choose the Best Florists for Sending Flowers Anonymously:

Are you ready to surprise your dear ones with flowers? Let’s visit OZ Flower Delivery first and choose your desired bouquet to make the surprise more memorable. You will find an incredible collection of versatile flowers that could brighten up her day and maybe prove beneficial to your relationship as well.

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