January birth flowers

January Birth Flowers – Their Meanings and Symbolism

Flowers are the best substitute for words. When words are not sufficient to convey your lovely messages, flowers do the trick. And why not? Their beauty, elegance, and delicacy help express all the feelings and emotions you have in your heart.

However, we all know that every flower has different meanings and symbolism. Especially when it comes to birth flowers, you have to be very specific and picky because you have to send the right flowers to your recipient that are associated with their birth month.

As this is the month of January so we are talking about the best birthday flowers for January today. Since the month falls after a festive holiday season in which you already have lots of wishes and gifts, so you might want to send another gift that is definitely more powerful and beautiful than others.

If your friends, colleagues, or family members celebrate their birthdays in January, then this is the right time to choose the official birth flowers for January so you can convey your wishes in the best way possible.

So, let’s find out what are the best January birth flowers and what are their meanings, symbolism, and other facts.

January Birth Flowers- Carnations and Snowdrops:

The beautiful and charismatic carnations and snowdrops are the January birth flowers that share a lot of similarities. Let’s find out what makes them special.

Carnations Meaning and Symbolism:

The carnation flowers are available in different stunning colors, and they come in various unique varieties with different symbols.

For example, the bold red carnations symbolize passionate love and the pink carnation represent kind affection. However, white carnation symbolizes peace and innocence, and yellow carnations represent rejection. So just like roses, you can send these flowers to express various emotions.

This has also been believed that carnations have been grown from the tears of virgin Marry, which is why it became a symbol of undying motherly love.

Carnation Facts:

Did you know carnation flowers can be used in baking & cooking? Yes, these are edible flowers and people love to add them to different dishes. The flowers are also known as bland. Not only this but wineries and distilleries also use carnations to add some flavor to their creations.

Many people use carnations to treat hair loss, muscle tension, and skin diseases. These flowers are also used in clove-like fragrances and different perfumes.

Brides love to use carnations for their bouquets as they look beautiful and convey great meanings.

It is also a national flower of Spain, and the state flower of Ohio, making them a favorite floral gift for all occasions.

What Do They Tell About January Babies?

Carnation flowers express different feelings and emotions based on their colors and types. However, the meanings they convey about the January-born babies are constant. These people are practical, genuine, honest, and incredibly loyal. They have valuable love for their friends and family which makes them very precious people.

Tips for Buying Carnations:

If you are planning to buy carnations, make sure there are no stamens. If the stamens are visible and already there, then the flowers may not live longer for improper treatment. Carnation flowers are quite sensitive to ethylene, so it’s better to keep them away from fruits as they release ethylene gas. Its also not recommended to place them under sun for long hours as they can wilt soon.

You can either buy them as a separate bouquet or ask your florist to mix them with other flowers, they always look great and unique. Many people choose colorful carnations in one bouquet for a more impactful look.

Snowdrops Meaning and Symbolism:

Now let’s move to the second flower of January babies, Snowdrops.

Unlike the carnation, this flower had not some positive meanings and connotations as it is generally used in graveyards and also symbolized bad luck. But recently, with the growth of technology and trends, snowdrops flowers have become a symbol of peace and hope as these are one of the first flowers to grow when winter comes to an end.

Facts About Snowdrops:

According to its name snowdrops, the flower is not related to any snow. In fact, in the early times of the 15th– 17th century, females preferred to wear beautiful white dangly earrings that had a drop shape. Now this flower resembles these earrings, and that’s where we got its name.

Another interesting fact about snowdrops is, these flowers can easily grow when there is snow on the ground. They represent the start of the spring, which means you are sending new hopes and more positivity to your recipient.

What Do Snowdrops Tell About January Babies?

Snowdrops represent beauty, peace, and hope which translates to January-born people who have a positive worldview of life. January babies appreciate some small, elegant, and finer things in life, and they also have a sound appreciation for aesthetics.

Tips to Buy Snowdrops Flowers:

If you want to buy snowdrop flowers, make sure you get them when their leaves are bright green. These green leaves will keep the flowers alive in the pot for days and weeks.

But if you want to grow them in your garden, then it’s good news for you as snowdrops are one of the easiest flowers to grow. There are lots of online flower delivery services in Australia that deliver snowdrops flowers in different arrangements and often mix them with other flowers to create a beautiful bouquet for your recipients.

Buy January Birth Flowers from OZ Flower Delivery:

So, if you or someone in your family is a January born, then this is the right time to convey your love and wishes to them. Send them a bouquet of beautiful carnations or snowdrops and tell them why you chose the flowers. We are sure that they would feel more loved and special after knowing the symbolism and association of these flowers with their birth month.

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