how to plan a surprise party

How to Plan a Surprise Party?

Throwing a surprise for someone special in your life can be quite exciting. There are plenty of special days that warrant parties, and it is a thoughtful way to celebrate a big event in life.

However, planning a surprise party is highly risky, but the rewards are bigger. So if you are wondering how to plan a surprise party, here are some top tips to follow that will allow you to throw a party that everyone will love –

Use Online Flower Delivery Services

One of the major headaches that you will face when planning a surprise party is to purchase decorations. Going to the store, purchasing the flowers, and storing them in your house will only blow your cover. Thus, the best way to overcome this problem is by ordering beautiful bouquets of fresh flowers online and having them delivered to the venue on the day of the party. You can choose from the best flowers for her to brighten up the venue drastically. Flowers will make the place appealing and also give off a lovely fragrance. It will not only be easy, but economical and eco-friendly too!

Be Careful How You Make Your Purchases

Most people today use their cards to make purchases. If you share a bank account with the person for whom the party is being thrown, be careful when purchasing something from the same card that both of you use. You will not want the person to spoil all your efforts. It is best to ask one of your friends or another family member to make the purchase on your behalf.

Start Planning As Early As You Can

It is best to start planning the surprise part as soon as you can. It will give you enough time to plan and complete all party-related errands before the party. Make a list of the things you need including decorations, food, drinks and cake to ensure that everything going according to plan and nothing is left to the last minute. Taking care of the smallest of details will help you plan an incredible surprise party.

Have Someone Else Propose the Event

Having your friends or another family member propose an event for the guest of honor is the best way to ensure that the details of the party do not leak. Make it something standard such as a dinner party with friends or a get-together to make it feel real. When the proposal for the party comes from someone else other than you, the guest of honor is less likely to suspect a surprise party.

Do Not Reserve it Only for Certain Milestone

Surprise parties are not just meant for birthdays; they can be planned for other special occasions such as anniversaries, promotions, or graduation parties. Thus, if you want to show your love to someone and catch them off guard, throw a surprise party on any random occasion.

Pulling off a surprise party is a little tricky, but with the help of the above tips, you can ensure that it goes without a hitch. The guest of honor will never see it coming!

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