How to Make Flowers Last Longer

How to Make Flowers Last Longer than a Few Days?

Getting fresh-cut flowers from your loved ones is always a treat; especially when the occasions are birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or a wedding ceremony, receiving flowers is one of the nicest surprises that uplift your recipient’s joys and create a spark in your relationship.

In short, there could be nothing more cheerful and delightful than receiving a bouquet of fresh-cut flowers.

However, the sad part is, fresh flowers do not last longer than a few days. They start to wilt soon and lose all their beauty and vibrance.

But the good news is- with the right care and attention, your flowers continue to blossom and bloom vibrantly not just for days but for weeks.

We at OZ Flower Delivery do not want you to throw away your gorgeous flowers handpicked by expert florists just after a few days of buying. Instead, we give you some top tips and ideas about how to make flowers last longer and fresher so you can enjoy their beauty and elegance for weeks!

1. Spritz the soft petals

A great tip from our professional florist, which is definitely something to not sniff at. Flowers do not just drink through their stems but also from their petals.

That’s the reason, it’s better to spritz all the petals and keep the flowers in a bottle filled with clean water so you can give them a quick spray every time you walk beside them.

2. Cut the stem regularly with sharp scissors

Cut the stems of your flowers regularly by 45° angle using sharp scissors so you can ensure a clean cut.

It will help the stems to get in more freshwater. It’s important to cut them out from a specific angle so you can make their surface area big and enable them to soak perfectly in freshwater. If you cut flowers in a horizontal direction, the stem may take in less water as their surface will touch the bottom of your vase.

3. Do not put flowers next to the fruits

One of the best and most interesting tips to keep your flowers fresh for longer is, keep them away from fruits and vegetables, such as bananas, apples, tomatoes, or strawberries. The reason is all of these fruits produce plenty of ethylene which is commonly called a growth hormone and is primarily responsible for the aging of flowers.

When you put your flowers next to the fruits, the hormone will cause them to secrete a greater amount of ethylene. As a result, they will wilt out soon and lose their color, shine, and brightness.

4. Drop your flowers in Aspirin

Aspirin is another effective ingredient that doesn’t only help reduce fever and headache, but is equally useful in keeping your flowers alive longer.

When you add aspirin to water, it lowers the overall pH level of the water. Moreover, the salicylic acid included in this effective medication type would keep the water cleaner, fresher, and free from all the viruses or water-damaging bacteria.

The proper method to use aspiring is, crush one aspirin with the spoon, and then mix all that powder into the vase filled with water. Once you are done, add the flowers to your vase and let them sit for days or weeks.

5. Keep your fresh flowers away from appliances or heat sources

You must be surprised to know this fact. When you keep your flowers near major appliances such as microwaves, TV, computer, fridge, washing machine, or dishwashers, your flowers start wilting soon within a few hours.

The appliances produce enough heat and warmth that damages the soft petals, stems, and internal properties of water.

Similarly, never keep your flowers under direct sunlight or any other sources of heat that damage them from the warmth. Instead, keep them in a refrigerated space as flowers thrive more beautifully in a colder environment.

6. Use hairsprays to keep them vibrant

Hair sprays are not only useful in properly holding hairstyles, but also effective to keep fresh flowers live longer.

Yes, if you want your flowers to smell good and stay fresh for weeks, you need to keep using hair sprays. Make sure you are not overdoing it as it would just keep the petals dry. Also, it’s important to spray them from a specific distance so you don’t damage the petals with the flow.

7. Add a copper penny with a cube of sugar

Your seasonal blooms may last a bit longer when you add a copper penny with a small cube of sugar and fill the vase with clean water. Because the copper exists in the coins simply acts as an acidifier that prevents unnecessary bacteria from growing.

8. Use apple cider vinegar

You may have heard several times that apple cider vinegar has a lot of health benefits. Well, it’s true. But surprisingly, it’s also helpful in keeping flowers fresh for a long time. When you add apple cider vinegar to a vase filled with water, it will act like an antibacterial agent that works to balance the pH of that overall environment.

The best method is, use two tablespoons of vinegar and add two tablespoons of sugar. Add the mixture to the vase and then decorate fresh flowers in that mixture that instantly appear brighter and vibrant in color.

9. Place flowers in warm water

By warm water, we do not mean boiling water of course. 43°-44° Celsius will do the job perfectly as it’s an optimal temperature for flowers.

Pour that warm water into a vase and then fill it with all the fresh flowers. Make sure you are adding the vase in a cooler location as the hot water molecules tend to move quickly through their stem, while your fresh flowers lose less moisture due to the cooler environment. This procedure is usually called hardening and is specifically applicable to keep flowers fresh.

Wrapping up

Despite all the efforts, your flowers may wilt someday as you cannot keep them fresh and vibrant forever. But the least you can do is, give them special care and attention so that you can enjoy their charm as long as possible.

So, if you want to keep them fresh for weeks, try the above-mentioned tips and let us know if any of them works for you. We’d love to hear your thoughts…!

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