How to Arrange Fresh Flowers

How to Arrange Fresh Flowers Like a Pro?

Nothing brings more beauty and elegance to your room like a fresh-cut flower arrangement. And you know what’s the best secret about these floral arrangements? They are not as pricey as they seem.

Yes. That’s true! Why? Because these flowers are not bought from your expensive local florist. In fact, these flowers are bought from an online flower delivery that offers arrangements based on your budget. However, the difference is, their flowers are arranged beautifully. But do you know what? You can also do the same by following a few tricks and tips.

It’s possible to make your own beautiful floral arrangement at home by buying a bunch of flowers from your flower delivery service. Their flowers are fresh, long-lasting, and high quality as compared to your local flower store.

So, if you are wondering how can you make your own floral arrangement at home, wonder no more! Here we have outlined a few steps about how to arrange fresh flowers like a pro. Read the article till the end so you can easily create your flower arrangement and decorate every room of your house without spending a fortune.

Things You’ll Need to Arrange Flowers:

Here are a couple of things you will need to arrange flowers beautifully.

  • Flowers in different shapes, textures, and colors.
  • Vase, or a pot
  • Greenery
  • Freshwater
  • Scissors

Step 1: Get a Clear Vase:

Start the process with a clean vase. Make sure it is free from all the dirt and debris and do not have any remains of your previous arrangements. Wash it carefully and fill half with fresh and cool water.

Step 2- Prepare Your Flowers:

When you prepare the flowers for your arrangement, you need to use the scissors and then make a cut at the end of each stem, but it should be in a diagonal position. This will keep your flowers fresh for longer, and also allow optimum water intake that will keep the arrangement look stunning.

It’s also recommended to strip the lower parts of stems and take off the leaves and greenery.

Yes, you have to remove the greenery because this greenery under the waterline usually gets soggy and then contaminates the whole water. As a result, your flowers wilt sooner. Moreover, if the stem gets more water and supplies it to the greenery, the flower at the top area will get shortchanged. When you remove the greenery, you can supply maximum water to the flower.

Step 3- Start Arranging Your Flowers:

Now it’s time to choose the few larger flowers to set as the focal point of your arrangement. Place the flowers in the vase or vessel and then evenly disperse them on all corners.

Step 4- Add Accents of Varying Textures and Colors:

Once you have inserted main or large flowers in the center of the vase, it’s time to add accents of varying textures, shapes, and colors.

These flowers will be comparatively much and not look like your large traditional flowers. Insert these flowers into the vase and notice the type of shape your arrangement is taking. Adjust the flowers as needed and trim the stems shorter if the flowers are required to be nestled down into your vase.

Step 5- Insert Some Greenery:

In the next step, you can insert greenery as needed to give your arrangement an extra color and charm. Make sure you add greenery between the flowers as it will simply accentuate the shape as well as the color of your central flowers by creating a small separation, so it’s better to use the greenery accordingly.

Step 6- Add a Final Touch:

In the end, you can simply add one beautiful final touch to your arrangement. Add an unexpected color or shape of a flower that looks completely unique and brighter than other flowers, it will simply pull off your arrangement together and bring more warmth to your room.

For example, adding big yellow sunflower among roses, tulips, and carnations will look breathtaking. Similarly, an arrangement of long-stemmed red roses will further look beautiful when enhanced with white daisies in the middle. These fun additions will absolutely make your arrangement more eye-catching and instantly grab the attention of viewers. If you do not want to add flowers, you can use the stems sparingly for a greener touch.

How to Keep Flowers Fresh for Longer?

Now that you know how to arrange fresh flowers in a vase, it’s time to learn how to keep them fresh and healthy for longer.

Surprisingly, few of the ingredients are already present in your kitchen that can do the job well. Check out the list of household items that can help keep flowers fresh.

  • Use the mixture of vinegar and apple cider.
  • Add a few drops of aspirin as it keeps the arrangement shiny, healthy, and perky.
  • Treat the arrangement with bleach for a healthy appearance
  • Add coins in the vase as they have copper which fights with bacteria accumulating in the vase and wilts the arrangement
  • Add flower food in the vase, as it is the tested way to keep blooms fresh.
  • Make sure you put the arrangement in the fridge or some cooler place as flowers always thrive in cooler climates.
  • Spritz fresh cut flowers with hairspray
  • Pour some soda in your vase as your flowers will keep fresh, healthy, and smell sweet.
  • Avoid placing them besides fruits because they release ethylene gas which is quite harmful to your flowers.

How to Arrange Fresh Flowers? Get Some Help from Experts:

When you learn how to arrange fresh flowers in a vase, it will open up new doors of interesting decorations, and you can simply make your house look bright, colorful, and stunning.

Experiment with different flowers, decorations, and vase types so you can decorate each arrangement in different areas of your house. If you need more tips and assistance, contact our experts at OZ Flower Delivery and find out what flowers can look best in your vase and last long.

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