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Gold Dipped Rose

How Gold Dipped Roses Are Made?

Do you know what’s the worst thing about receiving fresh-cut roses?

They die soon and end up in a bin… unfortunately!

But what if I tell you that there is a way to preserve them forever without losing their beauty, elegance, and fresh color?

Yes, that’s true. Now you can buy gold-dipped roses– that do not even wilt and stay fresh & exuberant all life-long.

Gold-dipped roses are the most unique and innovative idea that simply helps you preserve roses in a convenient yet beautiful way. These roses are also known as forever roses and make excellent gifts for your loved ones.

Especially when you have to impress your soulmate on occasions like Valentine’s Day, birthday, and anniversary, then nothing could cherish their heart most than gold dipped roses.

And the interesting part is, they last forever!

To keep them in a natural and impeccable shape, most companies implement 60 step procedure and take 3 months to process a well-formed gold dipped rose. During that time, experts use the immersion electroforming technique in the procedure with the patented formula to coat all the petals in pure copper as a base.

Now you may wonder how gold-dipped roses are made and what makes them unique from normal fresh-cut roses?

Have a look at the most common patented process to get the most beautiful collection of gold-dipped roses.

Step 1 – Select healthy roses:

First of all, it’s important to select fresh, perky, and healthy roses. We make sure that the rose is in the process of blooming because, with an already opened rose, it might get difficult to protect the petals.

Step 2 – Cut the flower:

In the next step, we cut the flower carefully. Florists tend to snip the fresh rose from the plant and then cut it just to end up with a 5- or 6-inch stem so that we can easily dip them in 24 karat gold.

Step 3 – Coat the rose:

In the third step, we need to coat that selected rose. It’s recommended to spray it with electrophoretic lacquer. After that, apply that lacquer to every part of the rose as it enhances its vibrant color and the other details of the stem, rosebud, and leaves become more prominent. Once we finish applying lacquer, we let it dry for more than one hour until it looks sticky or wet.

Step 4 – Make sure your arms are protected!

Now, this is the most important step where you need to protect yourself first. The experts wear protective rubber gloves before dipping and then pull the gloves high on the arms in order to protect them from the dipping solution that could even splash any part of the arm. Also, use safety goggles so we can cover the entire area of the eyes. Do not forget to put on a rubber apron, which is easily available at your nearest hardware store and sometimes even available with a gold plating kit.

Step 5 – Heat the gold:

In the next phase, we are required to heat that gold carefully. Open up the gold plating kit that has a container of the gold solution.

Now put that liquid gold in some jar. After that, put the gold liquid on heating according to the highlighted instructions.

Step 6 – Dip the rose:

In the second last step, we need to dip the rose. Now it’s recommended to firmly grip the rose at the bottom area of its stem and then hold each part strongly, while the bud faces down.

After that, slowly sink that rosebud, its stem, and leaves gently into the liquid gold. Keep it submerged for approximately 35-60 seconds, according to the instructions highlighted by experts.

If you are looking forward to a thick gold coating on the flower, then the professionals submerge it in the solution for a longer time. However, if you want a simple and light gold shell on the flower, then it’s better to keep it dip for around 1 minute.

In the end, our experts tend to dry that gold-dipped rose for a minimum of 24 hours. Now until that gold fully gets hardened, you need to wait for at least 48 hours, depending on the dryness of climate effects.

Step 7 – Add a finishing:

Now it’s time to add some effective and durable finishing.

Therefore, the experts incorporate protective wax called Collinite wax or consider applying clear lacquer. It’s important to cover the gold-dipped rose with some strong and protective layer so it can enhance the overall shine and gold color while keeping it safe from marring.

Before we approve every gold-dipped rose, we rinse it properly to give a more lavish look. We also dip them in some tarnish prevention so you can never experience any discoloring after some time.

Available to Ship!

After that, finally, your gold-dipped roses will be available to ship and surprise your dear ones with their eye-catching, elegant, and unique appearance, and surely going to impress your recipient.


The best part is, gold dipped roses are available with a lifetime guarantee, you won’t have to worry about their appearance, shine, or gold color. It’s created with intensive care by experts, so they are sure to live forever.

Especially when you rely on online florists, you can expect absolute perfection, and rest assured that the roses will never go to break apart or fade.

Because these roses are meant to live forever, and not for a few days like the traditional roses.

That’s the reason, these roses symbolize your love, passion, and excitement in a more romantic way, and look like the best gesture of expressing unconditional love. Since the gold dipped rose is never meant to die, it represents your true emotions that are forever and will never be fade with time or situation.

So, if you want to give this beautiful and long-lasting gift to your recipient for a steady relationship, you can simply order them today and make every moment special & memorable.

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