A Guide to Funeral Flowers Etiquette

A Guide to Funeral Flowers Etiquette

When you lose someone close to you, the pain takes years to go away. But, knowing that you have people around you and care for, helps ease the pain. If you know someone who has recently lost someone, flowers are the perfect way to show them that you care.

Funeral flowers etiquette helps you express your feelings when you do not have anything to say. Fresh flowers make for great sympathy flowers allowing you to share your condolences on the passing of a family member, friend, or colleague. Even if you live miles away or even in another country, you can schedule the delivery of funeral flowers anywhere in Australia.

Funeral Flowers Etiquette: How to Choose the Right Flower Arrangement?

Flowers for funerals are categorized according to their functions. Here are some of the common types of arrangements that are widely used –

Bouquet – These include long-stemmed funeral flowers that can be delivered to home or the funeral home as an expression of sympathy. The flowers can be whites, soft pastels, or even colorful ones.

Sheath – These are hand-tied flowers that are meant to be sent directly to a funeral home. They can also be sent at a home address once the funeral is over.

Flower Arrangement – These contain some of the best seasonal flowers arranged in a florist’s foam in a ceramic pot. They are perfect to be sent to the home or to the funeral home.

Wreath – These are created using traditional whites, pastel seasonal flowers, or Australian wildflowers and are sent directly to the funeral home. They are displayed during the funeral service.

Casket Sprays – These are designed to be displayed on the casket cover for the final farewell. Most of the time, these are ordered by the immediate family member. You can pick these in different colored flowers like roses or Australian wildflowers.

Where Should You Send Sympathy Flowers?

It is recommended to send sympathy flowers directly to the funeral home. The funeral director will help deliver them to the cremation or burial place on the day of the funeral. However, if it is someone very close to you, such as a relative or a close friend, you can send the flowers directly to their homes. The family then can decide the location they would keep the flowers. Remember to send the flowers when you know someone will be home to receive them.

When Should You Send the Flowers?

If you want the flowers to be included in the funeral, it is best to order the flowers at least 48-72 hours before the funeral is to takes place. However, a lot of people send sympathy flowers after a few days of the funeral to show that you care and are still thinking of them.

Should You Add Any Sympathy Message?

It is important to send a note along with the funeral flowers to let the family know who sent them. If it is someone close to you like your mum who has recently lost someone, make sure to pick a sympathy message for funeral flowers for mum that can be added to it. Often, families send out ‘Thank You notes after the service to those who sent flowers. You can write your own message or pick a standard message provided by the flower delivery service provider.

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