December birth flower

December Birth Flower – Meaning and Symbolism

December is such a festive month in which we send and receive gifts on holiday to cherish the heart of our loved ones. Not only that, but the month brings double happiness for those who are born in December. Because just like birthstone and zodiac sign, there is a specific flower associated with each month.

So, if you are your loved ones are born in December, then it’s important to know which flowers are associated with their birth month so you can surprise them with the right flowers on their special day.

Well, without further ado, let’s proceed further and get to know which is the December birth flower, and what is its meaning and symbolism.

December Birth Flower:

For all those who are curious to know, there are three flowers associated with the month of December, such as Poinsettia- which can be used for Christmas Tree, Narcissus, and Holly flower.

All of these birth flowers are known to bring luck, happiness, and joy to your home. That’s why people usually decorate them in the Christmas season, and also send them to their friends and family to make the occasion more pleasant and joyful.

Let’s discuss the meanings and symbols of each flower individually.

Poinsettia Flower:

Poinsettia flowers are also known as “Christmas Stars”. These flowers were first originated in Mexico and Central America. It was introduced by a 19th-century physician and then the U.S. Ambassador introduced Poinsettia flowers to the US once it was discovered in Mexico. And after some time, he brought Poinsettia back to his home in South Carolina, and then it eventually became part of Christmas celebrations.

Since it’s popular in the holiday season, so it grows in the cold months of winter. According to one interpretation, Poinsettia flowers are like star shape and the flowers symbolize the Star of Bethlehem.

The flower can also be kept indoor for decorations as many people choose to move them in the open air but somewhere protected place to keep it alive for long.

Many people believe that poinsettia flowers are only available in red. However, that’s not true. The flower also comes in different shades such as pink, white, and yellow variations. One thing many people don’t know about poinsettia flowers is, they have their own special day. The U.S. House of Representatives honors December 12th as National Poinsettia Day! so the flower is extremely popular in every region across the world.

Poinsettia flowers symbolize cheer, good luck, and success. That’s the reason, its best to give to your friends or family members on their birthday.


Another popular flower of December is, Narcissus. The flower usually conveys the message that you want your beloved to be the same as they are, and you love them.

This December birth flower often symbolizes purity, faithfulness, and good wishes. Narcissus belongs to the same genus as the daffodil, and it also has the paperwhite winter-growing variety. Its petals are soft and delicate, usually, trumpet-like which makes the flower so attractive and charming.

The Chinese name translates the flowers as “water fairy” due to their amazing gentle appearance. The flower first grows as a bulb and is most popular in Greece and around the Mediterranean areas due to its ideal soil and climate.

Especially when it comes to Greek mythology, the concept of the Narcissus flower is totally changed. According to them, Narcissus was a hunter who extremely loved his good looks, in fact, he was obsessed with his personality. One day he was admiring his reflection in some pond when he leaned further to see his self, he fell accidentally, and turned into a flower forever. So that’s why we usually call this flower “narcissist”.

According to different cultures and symbolism, the narcissus is quite toxic and it causes all the surrounding flowers to wilt soon.

So, it gives the message that stays the way you are. It can be symbolized as “one and only”, which means you can give the flower to your partner or significant other. When it combines with other flowers in the bouquet, it brightens up the overall flower arrangement.


Holly is another beautiful and prickly plant that is common during the Christmas holidays. The plant is also referred to as the “Holy Tree”. Many scholars usually mistake its name and tend to associate it with the word “holly”. Its name has been originated from the European word which means “prickly” or “to prick.”

During the Christmas season, the people usually decorate this plant over mantles and stairwells, its lush green leaves and bold red berries look stunning with a white and gray backdrop. Christians find great symbolism in this plant, so they prefer to use this as Christmas decorations. Its tall leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Christ on the cross and red berries are associated with the red blood of Christ.

So, throughout history, this plant was considered to have lots of protective qualities. People also hang this plant in the home so they can ward off witches, evil eyes, and bad spirits.

Mainly, the holly flower is a symbol of fertility and eternal life. it has also been believed that plant has amazing magical powers. So, when you give that flower to someone you love, you are actually conveying your eternal love.  You are wishing them good luck and lots of love. It also looks good when combined with other plants and flowers with green backdrops.


If you were looking to surprise your dear ones who are born in December, then sending these beautiful flowers is probably the best gift for them this year. You might be curious to know about other flowers associated with different months. Right? If yes, visit this birth month flower chart guide and learn the meaning of each flower associated with different months.

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