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7 Best Thank You Flowers to Express Your Gratitude

Nothing says thank you like a well-designed and fragrant bouquet of flowers with a lovely notecard that conveys your appreciation and gratitude. However, choosing the right kind of thank you flowers is a key to success as these flowers can create a soft spot in your recipient’s heart and they truly feel blessed and special.

Yes, every flower would indeed be welcomed by your dear ones when it comes to saying thanks to them. But some specific flowers have special meanings and symbols and can be given as the best thank you gift to win the heart of your recipient.

So, whether you want to say thank you to your colleague for his help, or just want to say thanks to your close friend for always being there, you need to choose some special thank you flowers to get the message right.

The 7 Best Types of Flowers to Express Gratitude

Have a look below and find out what flowers could best deliver your message and make a huge impact on your recipient’s heart.


Hydrangeas are best known for their soft and colorful petals. These flowers are associated with peace, gratitude, and appreciation. Not only that, but they are also symbols of heartfelt praise. This means hydrangea flowers are an excellent choice when it comes to saying thanks to your friends or family.

These flowers are also perfect to give someone after a disagreement as a sign of understanding them.

Sweet Peas:

Sweet peas are also a great thank you floral gift that has a subtle scent as well as ruffled petals that exactly look like butterflies sitting on a stem. These are the ideal filler flowers that can enhance the look of every bouquet, but you can also send them on their own.

These flowers also represent appreciation, gratitude, and loyalty, which makes them the good thank you flowers without even saying a word. If your colleague or close friend has helped you in your difficult times, then you can simply show your gratitude and appreciation by sending a thank-you bouquet.

Pink Carnations:

Carnations are one of the most popular flowers of all the blooms that have been cultivated for decades in Australia. They are available in different color ranges and are believed to be the native flowers of the Mediterranean region.

Of hundreds of available colors, pink carnations are the most favorite. The symbolizes unconditional love, affection, and gratitude. When you send pink carnations to someone, it symbolizes thankfulness and appreciation for being in your life.


Chrysanthemums flowers are well-known for their amazing bright colors, and lush petals that add charm and color to any bouquet. These flowers have plenty of attractive connotations, and one of the symbolic meanings is appreciation and gratitude. Since these flowers are also known as ‘mums’ and associated with mothers, they are the ideal flowers to send your moms on Mother’s Day.

Calla Lily:

Calla Lily is also the most amazing and eye-catching flower that is widely used in bridal bouquets. The flower is available in several beautiful colors, but it is most popular for its white color. But when it comes to saying thanks and showing appreciation, yellow calla lilies are most common and symbolize gratitude, happiness, and joy.

You can either add them to a bouquet or can send them individually, they exhibit a very sharp and distinctive look due to their bright hues. For both bride and groom, yellow calla lilies are the most ideal flowers that imply gratitude she said “yes” to the groom and decided to spend her whole life together.


Roses symbolize love, passion, and affection. These flowers are suitable for almost every occasion and event. Due to their color, versatility, fragrance, elegance, and symbolism, these are the favorite flowers of everyone. Every rose color has a different meaning. For example, red roses symbolize passionate love, yellow roses symbolize appreciation and gratitude, and pink roses symbolize admiration for feminine figures in your life.

So, if you want to say thanks to your dear ones in a memorable way, then send a bouquet of yellow roses as they naturally deliver your message in the kindest way possible. You can also mix them with pink roses in a bouquet especially if you want to give them to any female friend in your life.


The iris most beautiful and perfect flower for saying thanks to your coworkers and friends. If you want to say some “my compliments”, “I am very thankful to you”, and “your friendship means a lot” in floral language, then sending a bouquet of irises is a great gesture.

So, when you want to say thanks, make sure you choose purple irises as they are particularly for expressing gratitude to your dear ones. Irises are available in different colors such as blue, white, pink, peach, and different colors.

Some Other Great Options to Choose:

If you know that your recipient likes some specific flower then make sure you are including that one in the bouquet with other flowers, or just give them the individual bouquet of their favorite flowers.  There are no hard and fast rules in sending a thank bouquet as you can simply choose any beautiful flower for your recipient.

Most people love bright and cheerful flowers such as sunflowers and daisies, as they also symbolize happiness and appreciation besides looking beautiful. You can also choose pink and peach flowers as they also look attractive and convey a thoughtful message.

Where Can You Buy the Best Thank you Flowers?

There are lots of online flower delivery services in Australia that help send thank you flowers to your dear ones. Make sure you are choosing the right flowers for your recipients that convey a beautiful message and deliver your appreciation and gratefulness.

So, when it comes to buying the best thank you flowers, OZ Flower Delivery is the only option that helps deliver sophisticated flowers. They have an extensive range of flowers in different colors and types. So, whether you want to choose roses, sunflowers, or gerberas, we have a stunning variety available for every budget, recipient, and occasion.

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