anniversary flowers by year

Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

You must have heard that completing 25 years of marriage is usually denoted as a silver jubilee and completing 50 years of milestone is referred to as golden jubilee. But did you know that the wedding anniversary year is also associated with a particular flower?

Yes, you can honor your year of anniversary with specific flowers and can celebrate the bond of love and togetherness by presenting each other a corresponding flower. So, if your wedding anniversary is just around the corner and you are looking for some impeccable ways to make it memorable, then this is the time to choose anniversary flowers by year and make your significant other feel extra special.

Commemorate your beautiful relationship with flowers that have their own symbols and meanings. This means that you can make it a personalized and intimate kind of relationship by giving your partners the right bouquet.

So, without further ado, let’s scroll below to find a flower that is associated with your year of anniversary.

Anniversary Flowers by Year- Overview:

Suppose your anniversary is rapidly approaching and you are short on ideas, what would you do? Let’s make an easy choice by choosing the right flowers mentioned below in the table:

Years of Marriage Associated Flowers Meanings
1 Carnations Commitment & joys for each year
2 Cosmos Purity, devotion, love
3 Sunflowers Loyalty, Fidelity
4 Geranium Gratefulness, appreciation
5 Dassies Innocence, gentleness,
6 Calla Lilies Wisdom, growth, and beauty
7 Freesia Trust and faithfulness
8 Clematis Intelligence and wisdom
9 Poppy Celebrating magnificence of love
10 Yellow Daffodils Pleasure and joys

1st Wedding Anniversary- Carnations:

Carnations are the most wonderful flowers that are associated with the first wedding anniversary.

For ages, the flowers have been used as a kind representation of deep and passionate love. After roses, no other flower could say “I Love you” in the best way than carnations. Therefore, the flower is associated with newlyweds who are just in a phase of growing their love.

Since the first year of the wedding is most beautiful and exciting for every couple, hence it is also referred to as “the honeymoon phase.” And carnations best define the love and joys during this period.

2nd Wedding Anniversary- Cosmos:

2nd wedding anniversary is also special in every couple’s life. because by the end of their 2nd year, they have already developed a great understanding of each other.

The “honeymoon” phase is completely over, and they are living their practical life while growing and understanding. Therefore, the cosmos are the right flowers associated with the second marriage anniversary that represent the purity of your relationship, love, and devotion for each other.

3rd Wedding Anniversary- Sunflowers:

The third of the year is based on a strong foundation of love and trust. And sunflowers are best to describe this kind of relationship. The flowers are bright, bold, and cheerful that always face the sun, and represent the challenges that they have encountered. They also represent loyalty and fidelity; it means the foundation of your relationship is stronger and healthier.

4th Wedding Anniversary- Geranium:

Geraniums symbolize a perfect understanding and strong connection of a couple. It means the two persons are connected by mind, body, and spirit.

When its fourth wedding anniversary, two people become comfortable as their roles of husband and wife and they appreciate each other in every phase of life.

5th Wedding Anniversary- Daisy:

Daisies may look like simple flowers, but their appearance and texture are unique, lovely, and fabulous.

When the couple spends five years of their marriage together, their life seems to be complete and it’s just like they are following a routine. Their relationship becomes more gentle, kind, and streamlined, which is why the flower represents gentleness and innocence.

6th Wedding Anniversary- Calla Lilies:

Calla Lily is another elegant and wonderful flower that represents that each partner is grown and become more practical in the course of six years.

The flower is long and slender in shape which also represents growth, beauty, and wisdom.

7th Wedding Anniversary- Freesia:

The Freesia flower has a very sophisticated and exotic shape. Due to its unique fragrance, the flower is an important ingredient in soaps and lotions. The flower represents how partners appreciate the unique characteristics of each other. Therefore, the flower is best for celebrating seven years of togetherness.

8th Wedding Anniversary- Clematis:

Clematis flowers beautifully represent the long journey of togetherness with intelligence and wisdom.  Since the couple has grown each other and saw every good and bad phase of life, the flower is perfect for celebrating eight years of marriage.

9th Wedding Anniversary- Poppy:

The colorful and bold poppy flowers are best for celebrating the ninth wedding anniversary and these are August’s official flowers too.

The flower also symbolizes imagination and oblivion. It reflects a great sense of love and peace that couples reach after spending nine years together. The poppy flower looks beautiful when combined with roses, sunflowers, and carnations in a bouquet.

10th Wedding Anniversary- Yellow Daffodil:

Single daffodil always looks elegant and beautiful, but when you combine them in a bouquet, their lush appearance is just a stunning view for the eyes. That’s the reason, the flower is the best traditional gift for celebrating a milestone of 10 years of a wedding anniversary.

First-year of marriage is great and exciting, but trust us, the love and happiness of celebrating ten years of marriage are beyond words. You created so many beautiful memories together and went through all ups & downs, making you a perfect choice for each other.

Yellow daffodils represent pleasure and celebrate the good and bad chapters of life together.

Final Words:

So now that you understand what flowers go best with your year of anniversary, it’s easy to make your day special and memorable with your favorite person. Make sure you choose the right colors of flowers, probably that are loved by your recipient.

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