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Wedding Flower Trends Set to Blossom in 2022

The New Year signals renewal, restoration, optimism, growth, and new beginnings. Especially when it comes to brides in 2022, it is more accurate to follow innovative trends for their nuptials so they can express themselves in a more beautiful and elegant way.

From bold and vibrant colors to neutrals and pastel tones, 2022 is all about the mix of colors and trends. But unlike the past traditional years, you might see some big changes and creative floral ideas that are set to blossom in the new year.

So, if you are planning your wedding in 2022, make sure you consider these wedding flower trends that are more likely to surge in popularity in the coming years.

As we move into the new year 2022, it seems like brides are experimenting with different floral trends so they can make their wedding memorable and ideal. If you are also thinking to make your wedding special, have a look at these wedding flower trends that might get popular.

Bold Colors Will Still Be In:

Just like 2021, bold and vibrant colors will still be the most favorite thing of brides. Especially in Australia, brides are more fascinated with bold red, deep blue, and white flowers.

Brides want to make a great style statement with different flower arrangements, so they are choosing bright, bold, and vibrant flower colors for their bouquets and venue decoration. Some of the popular bold colors are bright purples, dark red, bright orange, and striking pinks are guaranteed to make a strong appearance.

Mixing Dried Flowers with Fresh Flowers:

Dried flowers were the most favorite trend of 2021 and brides loved to choose that for styling their bouquets and venues. This definitely means that the trend is going to stay in 2022 as well due to its breathtaking appeal. But the difference is, 2021 only had a dried flower trend. And in 2022, you are going to experience a great mixing of dried flowers with fresh flowers.

Yes, florists in Australia will combine dried flowers with fresh flowers in a bouquet and choose all the bold colors to make it look charming and appealing. This arrangement doesn’t only look elegant, but it is also an eco-friendly choice for weddings.

If you are planning your wedding in Spring or Summer, then do not forget to include fresh and non-traditional flowers together. You can mix wheat, herbs, branches, roses, and other dried flowers to create something new and inspiring for your wedding.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication:

Undoubtedly, simplicity is beauty and ultimate sophistication.

Due to the charm, it carries, the trend is going to stay in 2022 as well. This trend involves just 2-3 focused flowers in a bouquet, such as roses, sunflowers, and carnations, and then mix them with plenty of fillers and green herbs. This makes something elegant and interesting that looks absolutely stunning in your wedding photos.

This also looks like a great way to add multiple touches of colors that complement your wedding decorations and dress.

Lots of Greenery for Lush Bouquets:

Well, we must say that this is not something new to discuss. In fact, this is one of the oldest wedding trends, but now in 2022, the trend is a bit transformed with new additions.

The trend has picked up great speed in 2021, and now it won’t show any signs of slowing down- all because of its sophistication, decency, and lush appearance. Fresh green leaves and other plants can give a perfect touch to your wedding and can simply complement your theme, especially if you are planning for a Boho wedding.

From green bouquets to big centerpieces and ceremony décor to bridesmaid dresses, green always look perfect and fresh than other flower colors.

Addition of Popular Wedding Flowers:

Instead of overwhelming your bouquets and arrangements, it’s better to stick with some popular flowers. Because the more variety you add, the more money you will have spent.

So, it’s not recommended to add a multitude of flowers in one bouquet for your wedding in 2022, keep the bouquet simple and sophisticated and choose a few common varieties. It will keep your costs down and you can easily carry a bouquet without making it bulky with other flowers.

Structured Bouquets Will Be a Preferred Choice:

The structured bouquet will get some great modern twist this year, which is described as strong, powerful, and expressive.

This bouquet will create a sense of mystery and curiosity by using several layers and textures of different flowers including calla lilies, orchids, roses, lily of the valley, tulips, carnations, and sweet peas. Most importantly, these bouquets will be decorated with solid colors at their base, along with a “break-through” element, for example, a contrasting red rose, and pink tulips for brightness and charm.

Native Australian Flowers for Outdoor Weddings:

After dried and fresh flowers from the gardens, people will now prefer Australia’s nature and the rare beauty. Brides will love to choose native Australian flowers in their bouquets, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding.

Native Australian flowers have some deeper appreciation as people love their native fauna and flora. The uniqueness of their landscape, diversity, versatility, and elegance convince people to go more natural instead of using artificial flowers. Earth-toned, native flowers with unique fragrances and appearance, will be the most popular choice of every bride in 2022.

Want to Know More About the New Wedding Flower Trends?

So, are you interested to know more about the new wedding flower trends that are set to blossom in 2022? If yes, visit the OZ Flower Delivery Blog where you can find everything regarding flowers, trends, new ideas, and the right arrangements that are the huge hit of 2022. You can also explore our innovative flower collections that have remarkable impacts on your ceremony and make it more delightful and stunning.

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