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Sending Thank You Flowers? Learn the Meaning of Each Flower First

Did your friend or a colleague help you when you were going through tough times? What could be a better way to gratefully acknowledge their help than sending thank you flowers?

Perhaps, their motivation and encouragement were the most essential things you needed at that time? That’s the reason when it comes to appreciating their presence during difficult times, it’s important to say thanks with flowers.

Sending flowers to someone has always been the most wonderful practice for centuries. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Japanese were among the first who set this tradition of giving flowers as a gift. it was considered a symbol of royalty at that time. Well, with time, giving flowers has become a common tradition and in fact, it looks like a universal gift.

So, if you have a reason to send thank you flowers to Australia for someone’s help or kindness, then it’s better to send them a bouquet of thank you flowers to appreciate them. However, different flowers can be used for the purpose, and each flower conveys different meanings. Have a look at these flower types before you send them to someone you know.

Roses- Help Express the Feelings of Love and Romance:

Let’s start our list of thank you flowers with beautiful roses which are everyone’s true favorite and probably the world’s most popular flowers as well. These well-acclaimed flowers are generally used as an extension of our feelings of love, passion, and romance.

Especially if your partner has done something big for you, then nothing is better than sending him/her a bouquet of red roses. But if you want to send roses to friends or colleagues, then make sure you avoid red color specifically as it can convey wrong meanings and your message should be simple and clear. You can consider choosing yellow, green, pink, or orange roses to convey thank you a message.

Roses are the most welcoming flowers due to their sweet fragrance; they also bring back the beautiful memories of spring. You can ask your florist to arrange them in a modern wood square box or form of baskets so that your recipient can decorate them beside the table or window.

Orchids- Lavish and Luxurious:

Orchids are one of our favorite flowers that look delicate and exotic and are associated with love, luxury, and strength. You can get a lavish bouquet of orchids and say thanks to your best friend, teacher, colleague, or mother-in-law. We hope that their delicate look and fragrance will surely warm their heart.

These flowers are extremely attractive, soft, and contemporary and probably make a beautiful statement when you decorate them as:

  • as a centerpiece
  • besides your window
  • or on your bedside table.

Tulips- Represents Positive and Cheerful Thoughts:

Tulips are beautiful double and ruffled-shaped flowers that are basically Dutch flowers and arise in popularity since the 17th Century. The showy and brightly colored flowers have a unique cup-shaped appearance. They come in different vibrant and exciting colors. The flowers usually bloom in Spring and add colors to the garden.

Tulips in red color generally symbolize love. However, the yellow color is associated with appreciation and gratefulness for someone’s efforts as they also represent positivity, cheerful thoughts, and sunshine.

So, if you own thanks to someone, we’d absolutely recommend tulip flowers due to their lovely appearance and beautiful symbolic meanings.

Daisy- Evoke Feelings of Love, Innocence, and Playfulness:

Did you know Daisies originated from the word “Daeseage” which means day’s eye? These flowers close their petals in the evening and then reopen them in the morning which makes them unique among all the flowers in the world.

These cheerful flowers are also associated with the birth of April born. The flowers evoke great feelings of love, innocence, and playfulness. This makes them a perfect thank you flower for people who love fun and are young at heart.

Lilies: Associate with Devotion and Humility

Lilies are beautiful bulb-shaped flowers that have six petals and six antlers. There are plenty of species of lilies, and the most common ones are trumpet lilies and tiger lilies. Lily flower is usually tall, elegant, and are perennial flowering plant.

Lily flowers grow all around the world. The real meaning behind these flowers is devotion, humility, and rebirth. These flowers are usually given on 30th-anniversary occasions. They are also the perfect gift to say congratulations to someone. Not only that, but they also make a great thank you bouquet for your friends and family members. They look great when added with other flowers in the bouquet.

These flowers are also available in different colors such as green, red, pink, orange, and yellow.

Hydrangeas: Represent Gratitude and Honesty

Hydrangeas flowers are also the most favorite flowers in Australia that are easy to cultivate and grow from early Spring to late Autumn.

These flowers were once discovered in Japan and since then they have become popular flowers for all occasions. That’s the reason when it comes to sending thank you flowers, you can consider hydrangea flowers that are available in lavender, pink, red, and blue colors.

These versatile flowers have an awesome fragrance, and they are associated with gratitude and honesty. They make an excellent gift for your friends as they help express how grateful you are to have them in your life. You can even send them as a gift to your mom as an appreciating gift.

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