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What You Need to Know About Sending New Baby Flowers?

If one of your friends has a baby on their way, you must be wondering about how to congratulate them send best wishes. Sending a bunch of new baby flowers, newborn gifts, and other baby gears are probably the best ideas that could make the couple happy during this tough time.

Well, yes! It’s a bit tough time for the couple as their lives are going to be changed instantly once their baby will enter the world. They have a new responsibility to take care of, a room to prepare, some toys to buy, clothes to set, and a lot of other new baby items that might make them confused and happy at the same time.

So overall, it’s an exciting and overwhelming period of life for both persons. Therefore, during this time, every couple needs a little motivation and encouragement from their near and dear ones. So, among all the gifts, sending a couple a bunch of new baby flowers would be a great idea.

It serves as one of the most elegant encouragement gifts that a couple would adore for years. The appealing beauty, refreshing fragrance, and meaning behind beautiful flowers bring instant joy to a parent. However, before treating them with gorgeous flowers, there are some etiquettes you need to consider so you can make your gift special and memorable.

When is the Best Time to Send Flowers to Parents?

Since you have no idea about their exact delivery date, so it’s better to wait until the new parents announce the birth of their new baby. But if you are extremely close to the mum, then you may need to go with her to the hospital and wait outside the labor time.

In that case, you can consider using the same-day flower delivery option as you will get the bouquet within a couple of hours. The refreshing aroma of flowers will have a good impact on the new mother.

Many people consider next-day flower delivery as well so that the new mother can feel relatively well and pass all the complications of delivery.

In that way, the parents will be surprised and happy to see the bouquet decorated at their table. Especially when they return home and find flowers, they will feel happier with the unexpected surprise. So, if you are ordering your flowers online, it’s best to consider same-day or next-day delivery so that you can make their day more beautiful and memorable.

Can You Send Flowers to the Home of New Parents?

Well, many people wonder should they send flowers to the home of new parents or directly to the hospital? Well, it depends on your relationship with your parents. If you are very close to them, you should send flowers to the hospital as it will be the nicest gesture during that tough time. However, if you want them to surprise, you can send them to their home as well. In that way, they will have less to carry when they enter the home.

There is another reason for sending flowers to home is many hospitals do not allow flowers in the wards due to several allergies. As the newborn is extremely sensitive so the vibe and smell of flowers might affect him or cause any allergies.

So, when the couple goes home with their newborn, you can send flowers to them as they can decorate them anywhere, might be beside the kitchen window or anywhere else for a refreshing smell.

Flowers You Need to Choose for New Parents:

Before sending flowers, it’s always advisable to find out whether it’s a girl or a boy. Because there are different flowers for both genders.

When you know the gender of the baby, you can select flowers based on that, especially when you have to decide the color of flowers. If you are not sure about the gender of a baby and want to send new baby flowers to congratulate a couple, then it’s better to go for gender-neutral colors. For example, a cream, white, or colorful bouquet of flowers with shades of orange, green, blue, and pink is probably a nice idea.

Roses, carnations, daffodils, and daisies are the ideal flowers to consider for sending to new parents.

What are the Best Flowers for New Baby Girl?

If the couple is welcoming a new baby girl, make sure you pick shades of pink, purple, and pastel, as they specifically represent the female gender.

And when it comes to choosing the type of flowers, it’s recommended to go for carnations, lilies, tulips, and roses that are the most prevalent new baby girl blooms available in different feminine shades.

Flowers for a Baby Boy:

When it comes to sending flowers to the parents of a new baby boy, it’s recommended to go for some masculine shades, like blue and yellow. Freesia, delphinium, iris, are perfect choices for new baby boys as they are associated with male energy.

Though if you want to go the extra mile as the couple is very close to you, then you can add a vase or a flower pot as well but make sure the vase is matching with flowers so they can decorate it anywhere.

Messages to Send with New Baby Flowers:

When you have to send flowers to new parents, make sure you include a card with a bouquet for a more effective surprise. Because at that time, parents need your support and motivation which you can give them through kind messages such as:

  • I am so happy for you three. May God bless you all
  • Congratulations on your new arrival
  • Wishing you congratulations on the birth of your son/daughter
  • Really happy for you both
  • Well done on creating a cute little human being

Buy New Baby Flowers from Expert Florists:

In the end, we must recommend that buy new baby flowers from an expert florist in Australia. We know there are a lot of choices out there, but you have to pick carefully as not all experts send fresh flowers at affordable prices.

However, OZ Flower Delivery is a trusted name that can help send new baby flowers without requiring you to spend tons of money. Their flowers are fresh, healthy, and long-lasting. You can view all the collections before placing an order so you can choose the best flowers for the newborn and new parents.

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