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Top 10 Fragrant Flowers to Buy in Australia

Remember the scent of your grandma’s old ceramic flowerpot decorated with rose and jasmine flowers? Oh, and let’s recall the time when you chose to pluck flowers from the garden just because they smell nice.

Well, we are happy to admit that some smells and flowers are associated with beautiful memories of our favorite persons that are no longer a part of our life now. But what we can do is, cherish the memories with flowers!

Yes, flowers are something that everybody loves to give and receive in Australia. A person who craves the beauty and fragrance of flowers must love to explore the collection of fragrant flowers that are sure to please anybody due to their delicate nature and exotic aroma.

Fragrant flowers in Australia are not only famous for their sweet scents, but also their delicacy, and meanings behind them. They are admired for their elegance, beauty, smell, and exquisite appearance. However, some best-smelling flowers are more popular and special due to their delightful scents.

Let’s explore the list of some best fragrant flowers in Australia that are also used in perfumes, body lotions, and creams.

  1. Roses:

Can you name anything else that smells as sweet as roses?

Tough question. Right? Well, we agree that roses are the most beautiful fragrant flowers in the world that truly symbolize love, passion, and romance.

Due to their impeccable appearance, delicacy, fragrance, and symbolization, roses have long been recognized as the best smelling flower in nature. The flower is utilized in making perfumes and product revitalizing. Whatever color you are buying for the recipient, make sure the flowers are fresh and perky. Because roses only smell exotic when they are fresh.

So, if you are looking to buy roses, the easy rule to follow is- choose the red and fresh roses as they are loved and appreciated by everyone. You can also choose a colorful bouquet of roses as they also convey great meaning and of course a lovely gesture.

  1. Lavender:

It’s no surprise to find lavender flowers on the list. And why not?

Their sweet, sharp and exotic smell just soothes the nerves and fills the air with a good fragrance.

Its beautiful scent is also used in making soaps, perfumes, and other skin products.

  1. Gardenia:

Let’s talk about another sweet and fragrant flower- Gardenia.

The beautiful scent of gardenia always reminds us of wandering through a garden on summer nights. Gardenia flowers are usually pollinated by moths, which means they release sweet scents at night to attract insects.

  1. Freesia:

If you are looking for an exotic sweet-smelling scent that soothes your nerves, then it is better to opt for freesia. The flower is simply described as smelling like strawberries.

Freesia flowers look awesome in gardens or a bouquet with other flowers. They are available in several pretty shades of purple, red, pink, and yellow.

  1. Jasmine:

Jasmine flowers need no introduction, of course- as they are pretty amazing in both looks and smell.

Similar to gardenia flowers, the night-blooming jasmine becomes most fragrant in dark.

Remember, not every type of jasmine is fragrant, common white jasmine is especially known for its sweet scent and is often used in lotions and different products.

  1. Hyacinths:

Hyacinths- Another favorite fragrant flower loved by all Aussies.

When the flower fully blooms, you may want to sniff it out immediately before you even see it. In the Spring, these flowers come in a different range of colors such as blue, pink, and purple. You can buy any type and color from online florists as they have all varieties.

  1. Sweet Alyssum:

As sweet as its name, the sweet alyssum flowers smell great.

Luckily, these flowers are the easiest annuals to grow in Australia and other parts of the world. unlike other flowers, their seeds can be sown uncovered in the ground directly the moment it starts thawing.

If you want to plant it in your garden, you can grab the seeds at affordable prices and grow the most fragrant flower with minimum investment.

  1. Sweet Pea:

Here we would like to mention another fragrant flower called Sweet Pea.

It is popular for its intense fragrance. These flowers have been cultivated for around 300 years and they are available in multiple colors. From pink to red, and white to yellow, you can find any shade from your online florist.

Its stem features one to seven flowers, and each flower is usually around two inches wide.

  1. Four O’Clock:

Just like its name, the flower is unique in appearance and performance as well.

Its name is basically a hint to the special daily performance. The flower has trumpet-shaped blooms that always open in mid-afternoon around 4 o’clock, and then stay open all night so you can enjoy its beautiful fragrance in the evening and the night. They are available in shades of fuchsia, white and yellow.

  10. Chocolate cosmos:

Attention all the chocolate lovers!!! Now you can enjoy the chocolate flower as well.

Yes, there is a special flower called Chocolate cosmos that is best known for its exquisite reddish-brown appearance and also has a beautiful vanilla smell just like many chocolates you eat.

Its smell is so intriguing, and we are sure that you won’t resist the temptation to eat it once. But unluckily, the flower is poisonous in nature, and you can’t taste it.

Their fragrance becomes stronger on summer days when the flower heats up.

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