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Top Tips for Choosing the Best Anniversary Flowers

Let’s face it- your 1st wedding anniversary is fast approaching, and you have no idea what flowers to choose to surprise your partner. What would you do? Maybe visit a local flower shop to get interesting ideas, or perhaps explore the internet for some right options.

Whatever you do, your #1 priority is picking fresh, healthy, and long-lasting flowers for your dear one so you can put a beautiful smile on her face. But the fact is, choosing the right anniversary flowers is quite intimidating as you have to consider different elements beforehand. After all, you want to make the best impression on your partner so why take any risks when you can follow some right tips for choosing flowers?

So, let’s figure out some top ideas and tips for choosing the best anniversary flowers that can simply convey a message of love, kindness, and lifetime commitment.

Milestone Year:

Many people do not know that each anniversary year is associated with a traditional gift like paper or silver. Similarly, there is also a specific flower for each anniversary milestone.

For example, if you want to surprise your dear one on the first anniversary, then carnation is the right flower to consider. The flower symbolizes unconditional and passionate love, which makes it a great choice for capturing the kindness and positivity of your first anniversary.

Make sure you choose red carnations to surprise her as the flowers look beautiful and convey the message of love and romance. These are the best alternative to roses. Here you can check out the list of wedding anniversary flowers by year so you can get inspiration.

Right Flowers for Each Year:

Here is a list of flowers for each year:

  • 1st Anniversary- carnations represent strength, love, and affection.
  • 3rd Anniversary- Sunflowers, represents trust and passion
  • 5th Anniversary- Daisies, represents fidelity and hope
  • 10th Anniversary- Daffodils, represents new beginnings
  • 13th Anniversary- Chrysanthemums, royalty, and luck
  • 15th Anniversary- Roses, represents passion, love, and romance.
  • 20th Anniversary- Asters, represents wisdom and appreciation
  • 25th Anniversary-Iris represents hope and faith
  • 30th Anniversary- Lilies, represents commitment and loyalty
  • 50th Anniversary- Yellow roses, represents happiness.

Associate the Name of a Flower with your Partner:

Let’s associate the name of a flower with your lovely partner. Especially if your wife’s name is Rose, Lily, Jasmine, Daisy, or Poppy then sending her the same name bouquets is a great choice.

These flowers simply inject a personal touch into your flowers and also make your recipient more surprised and happy. If you are confused and couldn’t choose flowers by name, then ask your florist. He may help you choose the flower that reflects the name of your recipient.

Other than that, florists also have pre-designed bouquets that might be named George or Charlotte. In that case, you can make the lady feel wonderful by sending her a bouquet similar to her name.

Choose Flowers According to Wedding Memories:

IF you are not sure about giving the right flowers and choice of your partner, take some cue from her wedding bouquet that she carried while walking down the aisle.

Or in other cases, have a flick back through the photos of your wedding to remind yourself about the right flowers and colors. Also, take the help of your florist as he may have an idea about what flowers could win her heart.

Make sure you add a lovely notecard as well and write something beautiful that makes her feel happy and lucky.

Say it ALL with Flowers:

You must have heard about the expression, ‘say it with flowers’, right?

It’s only because flowers are a great way to express your feelings and emotions. So, most people choose flowers to say everything they have in their hearts.

In fact, if you want to express some specific message that is too intense for words, then you can choose a special flower that helps express the same message due to its symbolic nature. Yes, that’s true. Every flower has its own symbolic meaning and nature, so whatever message you want to convey, there is a particular flower for it.

For example, if you and your partner are happy and have a good understanding, you can send them peonies that represent ‘a happy marriage’ and convey the message that you are very happy with them. Other than that, roses are seen as a symbol of unconditional love that helps express “I love you”.  And on the other hand, tulips flowers represent ‘true love’.

Make Sure You Choose Her Favorite Color:

You must know the favorite color of your partner, right? So why not send a bouquet in her favorite color that she would love to decorate in her room?

For example, if your partner prefers pink color, then sending a bouquet of pink roses mixed with pink carnations will be an ideal gift to choose. It would represent how thankful you are to have them in your life and your love is truly passionate for them.

However, if she loves Gerberas or sunflowers, then also choose her favorite color as your online florists always have every kind of color and type. If she like pastel shades, then go for peonies, dahlias, and hydrangea as these flowers look extremely good in neutral tones.

But if she loves bold colors, then roses, tulips, and carnations are the best choices to consider in red and pink shades.

Send the Best Anniversary Flowers to Your Partner:

So, are you ready to buy and send the best anniversary flowers to your partner? If yes, then do not forget to check our list of tips and recommendations that can help you make the surprise special and memorable.

If you want to get ideas about more flowers, then visit OZ Flower Delivery that has an extensive collection of flowers for anniversaries, weddings, and other occasions. Our florists will help you choose the right bouquet based on your needs, taste, and budget.

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