Australian native flowers

What are the Best Australian Native Flowers?

There is no better way to welcome your friends visiting Australia for the first time than with super scrumptious Lamingtons, Pavlova, and a bunch of Australian native flowers bursting with natural color, shine, and aroma.

Especially if you and your friends love the distinct flora and fauna of Australia, you must love wildlife and native flowers of Australia that have a very unique appearance than other regular plants and flowers.

Another special thing about these flowers is, they make an excellent gift on every occasion. Unlike traditional flowers, you don’t have to spend hours deciding which color, type, and pattern would be appropriate for a certain occasion. You can simply choose any of the native flowers and ask the florist to wrap them in a beautiful arrangement.

These native flowers add a vibrant touch when included in the bouquet. Due to their heartwarming shape and color, they always look different among a bunch of flowers. Aussies love to grow them in their garden as they look exceptional and give the outdoors a wholly natural look.

Hence, there is a list of quintessential Australian native flowers to surprise your friends on almost every occasion. As Christmas is also around the corner, so we’d suggest you read the article carefully- because you might love sending these unique flowers to your dear ones to celebrate the occasion beautifully.

List of Australian Native Flowers:

Here is a list of some popular Australian native flowers that you would love to send someone a gift or decorate in the garden.

  • Australian Honeysuckles
  • Billy buttons
  • Bottlebrushes
  • Canberra Bells
  • Kangaroo paws
  • Desert Flame
  • Egg and Bacon
  • Eucalyptus

Australian Honeysuckles:

What are the Best Australian Native Flowers?

The honeysuckle is one of the most beautiful and unique flowers that has a sweet cylindrical spiky-shaped look and grows in several parts of Australia.

These flowers grow best under shade, however, the plant blooms multiple flowers when you place it in a sunny location. Australian honeysuckle flowers are also called banksia or cherry candles.

Billy Buttons:

Australian billy buttons


Like its name, the flower’s appearance is also quite unique. It features distinct yellow globular flower heads. Due to their exceptionally unique appearance, you might not believe that this flower belongs to the daisy family.

With their playful and distinctive wild shape, these flowers are the best addition to any bouquet and floral arrangement.


Australian bottlebrushes

If you love wildflowers, you must have heard about bottlebrushes.

These are the red Australian native flowers that received this name from the blossoms that look similar to bottle brushes. These flowers bloom red spikes throughout summer. Another variety C. sieberi is very rare that features yellow flowers.

Canberra Bells:

Canberra bells

Canberra bells are another beautiful native fuchsia flower of Australia and also the designated blooms for Canberra’s centenary celebration. You can easily spot them as they have a two-toned red-and-cream color with a unique and elegant bell-shaped form.

Canberra Bells are also the favorite flowers of all birds and butterflies, as they flock to them for their sweet nectar.

These flowers bloom frequently from late summer through winter. Canberra bells are harder in shape than they actually look and make a good addition to gardens or coastal areas.

Kangaroo Paws:

Kangaroo paws

By looking at its appearance, you must be wondering that why Kangaroo paws are not called ‘high-five’. Since Kangaroo paws is a floral emblem of Western Australia, so its name just sounds right.

These flowers have leafless stalks, and they feature tubular shapes with a great furry texture which gives the flower a totally distinctive look. The flowers are usually known as anigozanthos and are available in a myriad of colors and ranges.

From yellow to red and orange to green and pink, you can find them in almost every color. To add a pop of color, many florists add them in a bouquet with neutral-colored flowers. These flowers are also used as an ornamental plants in your garden.

Desert Flame:

Desert flame

Desert flame is another awesome flower loved by Aussies who prefer to decorate this flower in their indoors as well as outdoors. This flower has yellow-gold floral clusters with silver foliage and is probably one of the most popular flowers in Australia. Bright and fiery as its name, the bold and beautiful flower resembles a small and cute fuzzy button.

This flower usually blooms in large spaces and looks like a great ground cover for every garden. You can cut the buds of desert flame to make your bouquet attractive and appealing.

Egg and Bacon:

Egg and bacon flower

No, we are not talking about any Aussie dish, this is an incredible flower that is a popular creation in Australia. Aussies always love to use and give unique names, and hence they thought to give the flower name Egg and Bacon. This flower has wide yellow petals with a dark reddish-brown center, due to which you can imagine how this playful and fun ‘egg and bacon’ imagery originated.

Breakfast references aside, the flower makes a sophisticated addition to your floral arrangement. They look great when you combine them with red roses and pink tulips in a bouquet.


Australian eucalyptus

You must have heard about this popular flower called eucalyptus. Its leaves and stems have been popularly used in different flower arrangements and wedding decorations, but people love to add them in bouquets as they give a unique touch to the overall arrangement. These flowers do not have petals, instead, they feature pink clusters of stamens that make the flowers graceful and give them a billowy appearance.

The flowers have Eucalyptus caesia variety which is known as a silver princess, and they are also a wonderful addition to your large flowery garden. Eucalyptus flowers usually bloom in winter for a few months.


If you want to give your bouquets and gardens some extra oomph, then consider using these above Australian native flowers that have a unique appearance and fruitful aroma. Their natural and beautiful vibes will give your bouquet a vibrant touch and your recipient will surely feel happy to have them. Make sure you visit OZ Flower Delivery to view all the flower collections so you can choose the best arrangements for your loved ones this Christmas.

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